IFWT_Matias Griffin

The Los Angeles Clippers equipment staffer Blake Griffin punched in the face is no longer with the team.

Matias Testi and Griffin got into a fight in Toronto earlier this year.  Griffin punched Testi in the head; he broke his hand during the incident and was later suspended by the team.

It seemed the two sides had buried the hatchet and the Clippers posted them shaking hands at a game one month after the fight (could’ve been a PR stunt).

Now TMZ Sports spoke with a rep for the Clippers who confirmed Testi “no longer works for the team.”

The Clippers wouldn’t say whether Testi was fired or if he quit, or if the fight had anything to do with the situation.  Testi worked for the Clippers for years, and Griffin had pictures of him on his page going back to 2013, they appeared to be good friend prior to the incident.

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