Justin Bieber reportedly received an offer of $5 million dollars to perform in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention and was set to accept until a couple of big figures in his life talked him out of it. The offer was to do a 45 minute performance at a venue near Quicken Loans Arena where the convention was happening but after his own manager threatened to quit on him if he performed, as well as some advice from Lebron James, Bieber decided it was best to not participate.


Bieber, being from Canada, really doesn’t have a huge care as to who wins the presidency but his manager, Scooter Braun definitely has his hand in the world of politics and is a huge Hillary Clinton supporter. He tried to compromise at first, hoping to be able to hang “Black Lives Matter” banners during the performance but the promoter of the event told him no. At that point Braun reportedly told Bieber he can perform if he wants but he would no longer be his manager on principle. He felt that the republican party was trying to use Bieber for the wrong reasons.

TMZ sources say the promoter told Scooter that LeBron James himself was also going to attend an event in Cleveland, welcoming the GOP without taking a political stand. The sources tell us Justin’s people got in touch with LeBron’s people, and they were told LeBron would actually not be in Cleveland for the convention and urged Justin not to go as well.

The $5 million dollar payday was set to be the biggest in Bieber’s career for one night of work but after talking with his manager, Lebron’s people, as well as his own band, which all members of happen to be African-American, Bieber made the right decision to stay out of the political scene.