Victims of the Club Pulse nightclub shooting got some good news recently. They were informed by the two treating hospitals that they will not have to pay there hospital expenses. Both hospitals, Florida Hospital and Orlando Health, have released statements noting there sympathy of the victims as well as exonerating them from all hospital expenses. Check in after the jump for more on the story.

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The entire world was stood still at the horrors which occurred at the Orlando, Florida nightclub Pulse. On June 12th, 2016, Omar Marteen, a coward, took the lives of many innocent people in the nightclub. In the days following the nightclub, stories, more chilling than anything most have ever experienced, came to the surface. Videos also came out which gave us just a minuscule taste of the horror that those victims had to endure.

(Video) Footage Has Been Released From Inside The Bathroom At Pulse Nightclub During Shooting

After the attacks rather than cry in anger, rather than blaming different race groups, the world did what the victims would have wanted it to do; it loved. Love spilled through out as people were there for others who needed them. Festivals celebrating the love of all shined brighter than ever before.

Mayor Of Washington D.C. Speaks As Capital Pride Festival Mourns The #ClubPulse #Orlando Victims

Some more light has reached the surface as both Florida hospitals have released very promising statements. In statements the two hospitals have announced that all Orlando victims have been exonerated from their medical expenses. This is an amazing thing and the greatness of it only broadens as you look at the numbers. Florida Hospital, treated 12 victims and the expected expenses are said to go upwards of $500,000. Orlando Health, treated 44 victims, 12 of which passed away, are exonerating a whopping $5 million in hospital expenses. Honestly big shout out to those hospitals cause they have brought more warmth to the hearts to the victims of those shootings than they will ever know.