The NFL is already cracking down on Yeezy cleats in their typical, no fun type of way. Last week both Von Miller of the Broncos and DeAndre Hopkins of the Texans, took to social media to show off their Yeezy 750 & 350 cleats respectively. As you would expect, the pics set twitter and Instagram on fire and they became as big of a story as the games themselves. Miller didn’t wind up wearing his in the actual game but Hopkins did and received a $6,000 fine for doing so. The NFL has now essentially banned the cleats, letting players know they will be fined $6,000 each time they wear them. Adidas, however has their own plan to keep players wearing them on the field, which includes covering the cost of the fines.


The league justified their decision to fine any player who wears those cleats by hiding behind their uniform policy, which states cleats must have one solid base color. That sounds funny because while the 350’s are different tones, the 750’s that Von Miller had were all one solid grey. I wonder what their excuse would be if he had worn his during the Broncos game.

Sensing this could be a marketing opportunity, Adidas is planning on covering fines for players, according to Nick DePaula of “The Vertical“. “I’m hearing from multiple people that adidas is putting a plan in place to cover NFL’s fines and have players continue to wear Yeezy cleats”, DePaula tweeted yesterday.

Those $6k fines would really be nothing for Adidas to pay, especially since it will have a long term effect of more cleats being sold. There aren’t going to be that many players who wear the Yeezy’s on the field so it’s not like they will be covering fines for 50 or 100 players. Seeing as how the 350 cleats went on sale to the public yesterday, I would assume Adidas would only cover the cost of players who have endorsement deals with the company, rather than some random player buying them online and wearing them on his own.

When DeAndre Hopkins was asked if he would wear his cleats in a game again, he said only if Kanye was covering the fines. Well it might not be Kanye personally but sounds like Hopkins got his wish.