Lastnight at or around 7:40pm Tulsa Police shot and killed an unarmed black man Terrence Crutcher. Terence’s car had stalled. When police arrived Crutcher was at the hood of his car. Officers state that they asked Crutcher to raise his hands multiple times and he did not comply. One officer then tazed Crutcher and then an officer fired a shot. Terence was unarmed, the name of the officer has still not been released. Check in after the jump for more details on the tragedy.

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Terence Crutcher’s car had stalled out in the middle of the street. He was trying to fix his car when police approached. When the first officer approached he called for back up. Once the back up officer arrived the two approached Terence. It is then that police say they ordered Crutcher to raise his hands. According to the officers Crutcher did not comply. According to officers Crutcher then reached into the stall vehicle at which time one officer tazed the man. Soon an officer fired a shot at which time Terence fell to the ground. Crutcher was rushed to the hospital where he was soon pronounced dead. Terence Crutcher was 40 years in age.

As of now the officer who killed Terence has been placed on paid leave as is protocol. Still almost no information is being released. No info if there was no weapon in the vehicle, the officers name, nothing. These kinds of tragedies happen so often now that they may even be a dime a dozen. That is a heart breaking statement to make. Still no matter how many times we hear of it we can never become numb. Updates are sure to come and we will keep you posted.

Source: TulsaWorld