This might be the most headass thing ever said in the entire history of hip hop. Video has surfaced of Lil Yacthy’s friends saying Drake is better that Biggie and Tupac. “Drake is better than Tupac and Biggie they ain’t got shit on Drake.” In the video they even clown the two rap legends music. smh! This is definitely going to get the entire hip hop world up in arms. Peep the video after the jump.

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In the video Lil Yachty’s friends even clown on how Tupac and Biggies songs were. In the video it is clear the friends of Yachty are dead serious. They even go on to compare songs from Biggie, Pac, and Drake. It seems like mumble rap and old school hip hop are now having a full blown all out war and no music is off limits. The backlash from these comments are gonna come from everywhere as it should. Is Lil Yachty’s friends speaking for the entire new generation Or just themselves? Chime in on how you feel about this.

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