Alot of the hip hop community was rejoiced to hear the news that the wave has been free’d and soon Max B will be coming home from prison. The News first broke via Rapper French Montana’s Instagram. Now Max has put out an official statement for the public. The statement thanks fans for the support cause without them it wouldn’t be possible. Check out the official statement in the gallery after the jump.

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Max had previously put out a petition to get 100K signatures in order for his case to be reviewed by the Obama administration. Unfortunately the team never got to that magical number however, the team did get the job done.

His statemnt on his release read:
“What’s up everyone!

Due to a significant update on my case, I no longer need to renew my monthly petition with the White House. I want to thank everyone who supported all my petitions for the past 3 years. And even though we failed to reach the 100k signatures threshold in order to get my case reviewed by the Obama Administration, it was a great resource to have as an option and I recommend it to anyone who has a loved one that was unjustly sentenced. As always, thanks to my wonderful team for getting the job done.”

-Max B Max

Bigavell’s case was reviewed and his sentenced was shortened and the rapper is due home within a few years. Congratulations to the entire wave, cant wait to hear some new music from the camp.

Source: SupportMaxB.com