ifwt_Kylie Jenner x Tyga MAIN

Looks like someone is really pushing Tyga to cough up the money he owes them…one person out of how many now?

Frankie Zing

According to docs obtained by TMZ, celebrity jeweler, Jason from Beverly Hills, is going after Tyga for $200,000 that he owes him and Kylie is set to comply about questions over Tyga’s loot. Jason’s lawyer’s firm, Abir, Cohen, Treyzon, and Salo wants to know every expensive gift that Tyga has bought her, including the brand new Maybach.

The lawyers are set to privately meet with both Kylie and Tyga, but if they’re a no show…they’re serious about pressing forward to have Tyga arrested. These are the same people who pressed for a warrant to be issued last month, which forced Tyga to pay his previous debt.