Earlier this month, Adrien Broner had the charges he was facing for allegedly robbing and assaulting a man outside of a bowling alley dropped after the man who accused Broner began not to cooperate. The civil suit the man had filed was also dropped and it was pretty clear a settlement had been reached. So how much is it worth to take an alleged beating at the hands of Broner? Well according to an Instagram post from earlier today, it appears $125,000 was the number to make everything go away.


You remember the story. Back in January a man accused Broner of robbing him and assaulting him after he won money from Broner while bowling inside. Broner couldn’t handle losing the money to the guy so he beat him down and took it back.

The man suddenly stopped cooperating this month in both the criminal and civil case and it sounds like he was paid the $125K to do just that. Usually people never disclosed the amount of money agreed to in a settlement but Broner appeared to be letting off some steam with his post on Instagram.

He talked about a woman suing him for a million, mentioned paying the IRS $3.7 million and then says “I gave a snitch nigga 125K in a civil suit”.

Sounds like a come up for the other dude involved, who allegedly had won around $12,000 from Broner that night in the bowling alley.

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