The ongoing controversy between Azealia Banks, Academy Award winner Russell Crowe, and RZA seem to have hit a stalemate in what went down that Saturday night in Beverly Hills, as security footage missed the entire thing.

Frankie Zing

Police have reportedly searched through all of the video records from that night at the Beverly Hills Hotel and have found nothing, according to TMZ.

Although there are cameras everywhere that capture public footage, where the alleged fight went down, there were no cameras to be found. Azealia claims the footage would have showed Russell choking her, calling her the n-word and spitting on her in the hallway.

Ms. Banks has filed a battery report against Crowe, with an assist from RZA who when was on TMZ Live said Russell did spit on her as Banks was drunk and out of control, trying to restrain her after she threatened to cut guests at the party with glass. Russell Crowe might be in the clear though because Azealia is not looking to press charges against him and there are several witnesses that say it was Azealia who was out of line that night.