The Knicks were in Boston last night to play the Celtics but Carmelo Anthony didn’t spend as much time there as he would’ve hoped. That’s because he was ejected from the game in the second quarter by referee Tony Brothers after receiving back to back technical foul calls within about a 20 second period. The move by Brothers had LaLa fuming on social media over what she says is a personal issue between Brothers and Melo.


Brother said the first foul call on Carmelo was because he dove on top of another player. “He dove on top of him. You can’t dive on top of a player to go after a ball. That’s a foul,” Brothers said, explaining the loose ball foul.”

Melo wasn’t happy with the call and wound up drawing the first technical foul. Seconds later as both Brothers and Melo were walking down court , Melo got his second technical foul and that was the end of his night. When asked the reason for the ejection, Brothers only said it was due to “bad language”

Melo wasn’t available after the game to speak on it but he didn’t need to be. His wife LaLa was doing the talking and she was claiming Brothers has a personal issue with him.

First she tweeted “Ummmmm… Ok..he’s always had an issue with him”, which was in response to a tweet from ESPN’s Ian Begley that said Brothers claimed he had no history with Melo. “He hates Mel. It’s personal. Always has” she continued when fans began responding as well.

Even Derrick Rose chimed in about it and alluded to them having a history. “I was surprised,” Rose said in response to the ejection. “He was still talking quietly. I didn’t get it. They have a history, I guess.”

The league may have to check into this matter to make sure nothing funny is going on.

Coach Jeff Hornacek was tight-lipped about the Knicks’ technical fouls after the game, but hinted that some of their issues with officials were justified.

“I cannot comment on that stuff except, for some of those, I don’t blame the guys,” he told reporters.