Manny Pacquiao is back at it, trying to work his way into a fight against Floyd Mayweather.  The first fight between the two boxing stars was highly anticipated but ended up being very lackluster.  Both Pacquiao and Mayweather decided to retire, but Manny quickly came out of retirement and won against Jessie Vargas, now he’s trying to coax Floyd out of retirement as well.

Pacquiao says the fans want to see a rematch and they owe it to them.

Last time Pacquiao used insults on social media to try and drum up a match against Mayweather, this time he isn’t as harsh.  The Filipino boxer posted a photo of him wearing a suit jacket with pictures of himself and Mayweather on the inside.

Photo in the gallery above.

Pacquiao reportedly made about $150 million when he fought Mayweather last year, and since he STILL has terrible money management, I can see why he’s angling for a rematch.

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