Draymond Green didn’t make any friends in Boston last night as the Warriors easily took care of the Celtics. The crowd booed Kevin Durant everytime he touched the ball and even during interviews, showing they are still salty he decided not to go there this summer during his free agency. For his part, KD wasn’t even bothered by it because he could care less but Draymond ripped into the fans after the game, going as far as to say they may even scare future free agents away.


“Fans must be desperate,” Green said, via ESPN. “Like who boos a guy for taking an interview? That’s crazy. Y’all booing somebody for interviewing, y’all? Man, they might scare free agents away.”

Green seemed to think that the crowd’s hostility toward Durant says more about the fans than it does his new teammate.

“If you’re that mad at what somebody else did with their life, you need to evaluate your own life. He made a personal decision for his life, for his happiness, for his career,” Green said. “And if people are mad, they need to re-evaluate where their head is at in life. Because I don’t know if I can stay that mad at somebody for deciding to do something with their life. That’s a slippery slope.”

While the fans may have bothered Green, Durant was completely unphased as he had one of his more efficient nights of the season, finishing with 23 points on 10-13 shooting to go with 10 rebounds.

“It’s no hard feelings,” he said. “I still got love for Boston, I still love playing here; they’ve got one of the best crowds in the league. That’s what they’re supposed to do.”

Celtics fans being this mad at him doesn’t make a bit of sense anyway. It’s possible that Green was on to something with his comments.