Wale took to Instagram to show off his cooked turkey on Thanksgiving night. Rick Ross took to social media to comment on the Turkey and people had a good laugh.

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The caption on the turkey read,

I put EBM chef up against anybody . That’s my brother we grind together we gon SHiNE together ? he a real one. He marinated my Bird for 48 hours and now it’s going to taste like it was marinated in tears of joy from angels and sunkissed by The gods . @mrcheffito . Ps if u can some how get some curry goat or rice n peas .. I’d be happy -er ha! Happy thnxgiving from the ?? family

Ross commented on the meal saying,

“Dam dat bitch look astounding”

People had a good laugh on the joke. They took to Twitter to show off how funny they thought it was. One person tweeted,

Rick Ross’ comment on Wale’s picture is deadass the highlight of my year ?

Another tweet read,

I’m still crying at how Rick Ross told Wale his turkey looks ‘astounding’

The tweets came with a few memes of Ross day dreaming of the Turkey. The media trolls all day it is so funny.

Well we hope Ross and Wale had a good Thanksgiving.

Source: Complex