Hip-hop “purists”…this one’s for you.

Frankie Zing

Diddy takes to his Revolt Podcast to reveal never heard before information about him and Suge Knight’s relationship…he said the two were actually friends, acquaintances, and Suge actually used to pick him up from the airport and what not. He said he was totally shocked when Suge dissed him at the Source Awards in 1995 and tucked his ego to succeed and not do something he regretted:

“I really couldn’t believe it because me and him were friends,” Diddy said of Suge’s rant. “He would pick me up from the airport, the whole entire thing, so it kinda had me taken back because I spoke to them when I was there … I really thought we was cool.”

Suge Knight’s 1995 Source Awards speech targeting Diddy: