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Meek Mill apparently wants to keep the Drake beef going in 2017, despite Drizzy promising to no longer perform “Back To Back.”

While performing in CT the night before New Year’s Eve, Meek took a moment to talk to the crowd, and joke about how he can’t smoke the weed that he smelled in the room because he’s on probation. He decided to take this as an opportunity to throw some shade at Drake before the year was out.

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“I’m on probation, I can’t hit that!” Meek told a fan who was trying to pass him a blunt. “You trying to say you work for Drake? You trying to send me to jail? Huh?”

Check out the video below. For the record, Drake promised to no longer perform “Back To Back” AFTER this, so perhaps Meek will have a change of heart now? Yeah, probably not.