Photo Credit: YouTube / VladTV

Photo Credit: YouTube / VladTV

Soulja Boy’s rise to fame in 2007 was rather impressive and even arguably legendary, but in the years following, he’s become more known for his antics and his Love & Hip-Hop appearances than he has for his actual music. In fact, I can’t even name a Soulja Boy song since like, “Turn My Swag On.” What was that, 2009? 2010 maybe?

For his latest, the rapper/internet troll sat down with VladTV, and detailed some extraordinary situation that reportedly happened in 2008, where his home was invaded and he shot at a group of men.

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“One n*gga run to the front door. I hop out, I start shooting, shot the n*gga,” he said with extreme animation. “Shot his ass. All the n*ggas run out the door. This n*gga on the floor. [I] walk up to this n*gga, take his mask off his head. Looked at, saw who it was. I’m like, ‘Damn.’ Shot his ass again. He screaming and sh*t. I shut the door.”

Because of how over-the-top and likely made up it sounded, the #SouljaBoyChallenge was born, with people sitting down in a similar fashion, and telling an equally incredulous story that they came up with. The results were hilarious, and included celebs like Joe Budden, Mike Epps, DC Young Fly and more!

Check out the original interview and some challenge videos below!

Just paying homage to 1 of the Goats (Deadass) …. #SouljaBoyChallenge

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