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50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather are turning this Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy beef into an epic fighting event. Now it seems there will be more than one fight that night as they have expanded things into three fights and it sounds like maybe even more to come.


Who knows if Fif is just trolling here because the video itself is hilarious but I wouldn’t put it passed him to really make this happen.

The two other fights will involve 21 Savage vs 22 Savage, which in 50’s words “and then we’re only gonna have one savage” and former NBA players Kenyon Martin and Tim Thomas facing off over an old beef of their own. According to 50, the two players have actually had a couple altercations in the street.

UP DATE, BIG FIGHT NEWS, we might have to do this at the BX FIGHT CLUB.

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Everything about the video was great. Now let’s hope all of this really comes to fruition.