image via: tmz

Floyd Mayweather claims he will be attending the inauguration for President-elect Donald Trump, after telling TMZ that the two of them are friends and he has appreciated his support in the past.


It sounded somewhat like Floyd wanted to justify why he would go to the inauguration because he knows plenty of his fans wouldn’t be thrilled with that idea but he’s going and the only thing he hasn’t decided on is what tie he’ll wear.

“We don’t know what can happen in life”, Floyd said. “Only thing we can do, is keep our fingers crossed, pray and hope for the best.”

When TMZ asked him what does he like about Trump, Floyd responded by saying “Donald Trump came out to support me for the Manny Pacquiao fight and I was appreciative of that. Alot of times what we do, is we judge people that we really don’t know.”

Floyd is obviously implying that people should give Trump a chance but I think most folks would agree that he’s already been given plenty of chances during the past few months to give us some hope and continues to fail by carrying himself in a way not becoming of a president.

In the end though, it’s just like Floyd said. Keep your fingers crossed and pray.