Photo Credit: Instagram / @Ciara

Ciara and Future have been in a bad space ever since their nasty breakup in 2014. From lawsuits over slander, to countersuits and custody battles, things escalated to some pretty crazy level. Finally, though, it seems like they’ve put it all behind them.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

After Ciara’s multiple lawsuits were dropped late last year and earlier this month, the pair have now reached a settlement in their custody battle over their young son, baby Future. TMZ reports that the former couple have agreed to joint custody, though the baby will be with Ciara most of the time because Future is touring more often than not. However, when he’s home in ATL, he’ll have “reasonable access” to his son.

The custody case has been dismissed in full, and both Ciara and Future are “happy to put this chapter behind them.”