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Apparently, the only requirement you need to get an official appointment from president-elect Donald Trump is have given him money.  New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, a longtime friend and financial backer of Trump, appears to have been chosen to be the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom.

According to ESPN, Trump, speaking to supporters Thursday at a Washington D.C. luncheon on the eve of his inauguration, referred to Johnson as “ambassador.”  He also said Johnson is “going to St. James,” alluding to the official title of the ambassadorship.

Johnson, 69, was a major financial backer during Trump’s presidential campaign.  He was the vice chairman of the Trump Victory Committee and hosted a huge fundraiser for him in the Hamptons.

Johnson bought the Jets in 2000, and will not have to sell the team although he will be living in England.  According to ProFootballTalk, he will likely hand over control of the team to his younger brother, Chris Johnson.  He also serves on three NFL committees and likely will re-sign those positions.

The Senate will have to confirm Johnson’s appointment before it’s official, but it’s reportedly just a formality at this point.

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