Throwback alert…way back when In Da Club was the biggest song in the world, Suge Knight actually tried to stop the video shoot from happening, but didn’t work out.

Frankie Zing

In an interview with the Murder Master Music show, D12 member and Eminem’s long time friend Swifty McVay tells the tale of Suge trying to shake Shady and Fif. According to McWay, Knight along with 15 of his goons rolled up to the video shoot and tried to intimidate the Aftermath artists:

“Man, we from Detroit. We ain’t in this mess.’ So, we ain’t running or running to no trailer. ‘Cause they ain’t trying to see or say nothing to us,” McVay explained. “But us being in the mix of things, it just felt crazy … We from the D, you ain’t got no business come and run us nowhere, cause we ain’t moving” he said.

This isn’t the first story either of Suge trying to get in Shady’s business. Previously, Em’s former bodyguard Big Naz Williams detailed some accounts of Suge trying to get in between Em’s bread. Listen to the 2 minute excerpt from the interview below detailing the incident: