We normally are dropping another dope session in a long line of #FlexFreestyles, and that’s still coming but once in a blue we do a pretty dope interview. The last few months we did a good Gucci Mane joint and a needed Young MA, since then I’ve shot down or discouraged a bunch of interviews so we could keep the light on the freestyles, not focusing on any chatty patty biz, making sure the culture is fed, but when Funk told me we were going to do an interview with Jimmy and try and get all the facts on the recent Dipset issues, I was 100% with it(but don’t start asking me for Interviews, we do freestyles).

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So this week I wasn’t sure about what is going down aside from Jimmy was coming up, I pulled up and saw Jim and crew in front, got out and it smelled Sooooooo GOOD ?????

Dapped up Jimmy, congratulated him, he had Axel Leon with him, dapped him, told them I’d come back down but when I was going in, the other person we were going to have dropped Bars, Chris Rivers, in memory of his dad on the 17th anniversary of his passing(Big Pun if you didn’t know) ran up so we went upstairs. I got Chris comfortable, got his beats situated, then went back down to grab Jimmy and crew. As we go back up, I ask him about VL Mobile, he let’s me know he’s the new ? for trap phones, notifying Boost he’s taking over, I told him I need a HiT interview! Flex calls, he’s down stairs, I go grab him. As Jmmy and Flex talk, I make sure the levels are right, then Flex started asking some pre questions to get a sense, then we go;

Not going to lie, that may have been the deepest/realest interview Funk has ever done, we got a full timeline from an Artists’ POV about him and his clique, and his clique(click to ?) are all stars so it’s really something people wanted to hear about, #FireFlames ?.