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Game gives his view on Adele winning over Beyonce the Album of the Year award at the Grammy’s. Thankfully someone isn’t giving a one sided view for Lemonade. Did you forget or not even know that Adele’s 25 demolished the most sales in opening week record, in an era where records don’t even sell anymore by like 3 million?! Lol let the woman live.

Frankie Zing

Adele was admittedly inspired by Beyonce’s work and she pretty much dedicated her whole acceptance speech to her willingly with tears in her eyes, when she didn’t have to, broke the trophy in half to share with Bey, which she didn’t have to, and people are still crying because the artist they like didn’t win. We now live in an era where if you don’t get your way you throw a temper tantrum like a two year old. Thankfully, one of hip-hop’s legends keeps it real and say Adele and Beyonce are in a league of their own and any one of them could won the award fair and square: