#Freestyle046 Thats How we On it… Facts!! Ok This one Is one of my hometown fav’s, Yes I’m from BK, and the Homie is from the BX but NYC standing on it’s feet again because Funk’s getting good music from All the boroughs, and Mysonne def gave us a dope one… Thats how we on it!!!!

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Listen, I’ve been watching the Homie’s grind for a long time, like way back in the late 90’s, he and DMX were coming up in the streets, battling niggas, getting the same buzz….it was like ‘there’s 2 guys uptown making serious noise!!!’ Then out of no where, Mysonne got locked up, the streets started saying ‘Damn the homie Mysonne was too real’. He addresses it here in the Freestyle;

I’ll still line up the night for you, I explained there was more than one freestyle this week, G Herbo was 1st, now Mysonne(there’s one more, Monday at 11a, sooner if you follow me), So when I called Funk to tell him Herbo was there, he told me Mysonne should be there soon, and I was getting out the car, he pulled up, we dapped up, talked with Money Nels, he told me he could go last, he did and he Fuc**ng Killed it…. I really hope y’all listened to his words, hear what he’s saying….if it goes over your heads, you’re so missing out ?.