image via: twitter

It didn’t take long last night for players on the Warriors and Clippers to remind us they aren’t big fans of each other. The Warriors defeated the Clippers last night by a score of 123-113, thanks in part to a 50 point third quarter from the Warriors but there were plenty of side stories as well.

Barely one minute into the game, Draymond Green completely trashed Paul Pierce and his “farewell tour”. I can only assume Pierce must have been running his mouth from the bench but Draymond fired back and the microphones near the court heard it all.

Even if your don’t like Draymond, you have to admit that was pretty funny. There wasn’t much Pierce could say in return at the time but he waited until he got to the locker room after the game and fired his response on twitter.

Some may even argue that Pierce’s response was sharper than what Draymond originally said but regardless it’s fun when teams show us they don’t like each other instead of always being friendly.

Written by @IamJoeSports