Fresh off some really dope ass Bars in #Freestyle071, Flex decided to site down and do some history talk with Vic, giving him gems on where hip hop was since Vic mentioned some things in his Bars!

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Flex asked Vic how he knew about a record that was a street jam from MC Shan back in the day, Vic’s answer surprised me, like KRS was one Vic’s fav MC’s, that’s rare in this time!! Flex proceeded to break the whole story down of the beef between KRS and MC Shan, plus all the beef’s LL Cool J got into…GEMS!!

The big notables from this…. well everything, but yeah Alpo and Jimmy Henchmen getting mentioned seemed awkward, but Flex also go into that whole story of his recent comments about Po. Reaching into how the whole Snitch thing should be looked at with our communities in trouble(y’all can ? but it’s a convo we all need to have).

Then the most important part was talking about the violence in Chicago and the conversation sparking on how we can start to bring these communities together, getting the dialogue in the right place!