We’re getting into those high numbers, who do y’all want to see is the question?? Today we have Safaree, are you ready for these bars? Do you think he’s hot lava like he does, or are you like Dj Akademiks and think he has bars but his flow is off? Or do you think he’s ?? Let us know below after you listen/watch #Freestyle078

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I don’t have a huge prep story, Flex dealt with him, but I do have an experience from the night. So we do the freestyle first(me personally I felt like he did ok), I thought the theatrics of it, the changing minks, were fire, until I saw him do it 2 other places first, then it didn’t impact as much. He shitted on Dj Akademiks, which we can’t condone, we don’t really know Akademiks, but we really like his work ethic, and his opinions are genuine, which is why some artists don’t like him. Ok watch this then we can get back to it;

I hate to new that guy, but it’s A la cart, not Al a car. Ok so after the freestyle Safaree proceeded to want some questions, Flex normally would have told him not right now, but he likes the guy so we tried to do #WGAStT but with that Flex goes to the beginning and moves forward…. I’m not going to get into details, but it didn’t work because Safaree didn’t want to talk about Nicki(his team even tried to get me to interrupt the interview, so we just decided to respect their wishes and not even put it out, it was dry any way), although he told Everyday Struggle he wouldn’t NOT answer questions about Nicki since that was his life…..

Anyway, some info that came out in the interview was Safaree is going to be on Love & Hip Hop NY, dropping Music, my question is… Are y’all here for it??? I’m sure he’s going to be dropping some exclusives with the Dj on the show with him, Not Drewski ?