BlackBerry Z10 Is Officially On Sale At AT&T

BlackBerry’s looking to make a comeback, & the Z10 is the first example of that. For $199, you can get the latest BlackBerry that finally rivals the iPhone & Android phones(in Design At least). It brings new features to BBM, has some intuitive camera functions, more than 100,000 apps in BlackBerry World & what some have called the best software keyboard on any phone. Grab it in the link after the jump!!!

Blackberry Z10 Launch Slow, Thanks To Galaxy IV

The new Blackberry BB10 devices are getting off to a bad start. Analysts thought Blackberry would do great in the first qtr but things changed when rumors swirled that Samsung would be launching their Galaxy SIV in March. Some thought they would launch around April or May, being launched so early will hurt the BB10 device since the SIII was a great success. Analysts said they thought the BB10 device would sell 1.75 million but now they changed their estimates to about 300k. Ouch!!

The BlackBerry Z10 On Sale For How Much ????

  The Blackberry Z10 is not set to go on sale until next month but if you need to get your hands on the phone now you can get it for the low price of $999. The Z10 is on sale  right now at via Solavei, an MVNO with Solavei paying for the existing costs to a preapaid network.  Solavei says “At its simplest, the plan allows members to earn $20 per month for every three members (called a ‘Trio’) they or someone directly connected to them signs up for mobile service,” according to Solavei. “When members have three Trios, the income generated is greater than their monthly plan cost of $49, essentially making their mobile service free.” If you ask me this is a bad deal, and you’re better off waiting 2 months and getting the smartphone then.

Blackberry Z10 to Drop In March for TMO

Last week when Blackberry annoced their new z10 device they didn’t go into detail about the device and the future availability of its new smartphones in the United States. So far the device is being released in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. According to TMO’s roadmap the device should be dropping on March 24th and also available on all major carriers sometimes in March. When the device does drop the device will go for $199.

Blackberry Z10 Review (Video)

I’m sure you saw the big hype for Blackberry’s new device the z10 during yesterday’s Super Bowl. The interest is there for the device but do want to purchase over everything thats out in the market right now? After the break check out a review video of the device via Engadget.

Blackberry Says They Want Netflix and Instagram Aboard BB10

    One of the lacking features of the new BB 10 devices is in the app department. BB10 has no major backing when it comes to its app store. Blackberry (formerly RIM) said its in talks with Netflix and Instagram to bring their apps into the Blackberry fold for the BB10 devices. However Blackberry would not and could not confirm on the situation saying they “could not confirm when those apps will make their way into the store,” so BlackBerry fans may have to wait a while before they have access to two of the biggest apps in the mobile world”. If Blackberry Research and Development department did their homework they would know that apps make the mobile world go round so the sooner the better.

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