(Video) Goophone Has Done It Again, iPhone 6 Knock Off Is Ready Market!

Each and every year the iPhone knock off, Goophone, gets to market before Apple drops the real deal! This Year, it’s the i6.

Tech Talk News: Goophone I5 Will Sue Apple When iPhone 5 is Unveiled

Goophone has big plans on suing Apple’s iPhone 5 for intellectual property rights.  Can a knockoff of the iPhone 5  sue the original makers of the phone.  A fan explains in a video what Goophone should do Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

(Photos) Is This iPhone 6 Leak Real Or Nah?!

Really, I’m looking at this and am thinking it’s the same iPhone 6 mock up that has been out for months now. TMZ is usually pretty reliable, but they have been known to make a boo boo here and there, and they are not tech geeks, they could have easily been fed some lines of BS by somebody looking to get paid or famous.

Would You Buy THIS iPhone 5C Knock Off?!?

I am starting to wonder if Foxconn owns Goophone. Last year this time they had a similar situation with the iPhone 5. See the specs below.

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