NY Auto Show:(Video) 2014 SRT Viper TA…MEAN!!


Only one word describes this car. As the boss man Funk Flex would say…MEAN! The 2014 SRT Viper TA was unveiled today at the NY Auto Show, and is a barely street legal version of the already powerful SRT Viper. The car was made to attack any racetrack, but still be able to break necks around the neighborhood as well. Only 33 of these will be made this year, so it is going to be super exclusive and it looks like all 33 will get the same eye popping orange paint job with the all black wheels. Changes from the regular SRT Viper include a revised two-mode Bilstein suspension that is firmer than the standard Viper GTS to begin with. It has a “smaller spread between the modes,” suggesting that even though the car is road-legal, it’s likely to be a pretty extreme ride. Asis the case with “lesser” Vipers, the TA relies on the 8.4-liter V10 to churn out 640 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque. Check out the car in action in the video after the jump.

NY Auto Show:(Photos) 2014 New Jeep Cherokee


The New York auto show kicked off today at the Jacob Javitz Center, with many new highly anticipated official debut’s expected. One debut was that of the all new 2014 Cherokee. This is still a popular vehicle with the younger generation, and it is about time this jeep got a new look. Although, depending who you ask, the new look might of been better if they waited. I don’t like how the front of the SUV looks, it looks like a sour face, but then again, I do not plan on buying one so who really cares what I think. The all-new 2014 Cherokee rides atop a modular Alfa Romeo-derived platform and will be offered in both front and all-wheel drive models with a choice between a 2.4-liter four-cylinder (rated at 184 horsepower) and a new 3.2-liter Pentastar V6 (developing 271 horsepower) engine. A nine-speed automatic is standard and no less than three different all-wheel drive systems are available. Check out the pics in the gallery after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Crazy! Check Out The Driving Skills To Avoid 2 Crashes


Quick thinking and some serious skills is what saved this driver from being part of 2 different horrific crashes over the course of a few seconds. Dodging cars like he was playing dodgeball. Check it out after the jump.

Auto:(Photo) Check Out Tiger Woods Badass Mercedes


Tiger has numerous cars actually, but his black on black Mercedes S65 seems to be his favorite, and it should. This is a badass benz! Nothing like your average Mercedes you see in the street. First off most people will never have the S65. The extra horsepower under the engine compared to some other models from the brand is really no comparison at all. The black rims give it a tough look. Two dual exhaust pipes on the back, blacked out tints. This is a mean ride. Check it out after the jump.

Auto:(Photos) Hate It Or Love It: Mystery Luxury Car


This is still only a concept, but it is scheduled to be officially debuted at the Seoul, Korea auto show later this year. It looks like a competitor to Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi R8 and some other super cars. There are not many details available on the car yet, but as you look at the pics and decide if you hate it or love it, what if I told you the car is actually a Hyundai!! And they are creating a luxury sports couple to step it up a level. I think the car looks dope. Take the poll after the jump and let us know what you think.

Auto:(Video) This Crash Shows How Lucky Some People Can Be


Sometimes the only word that can describe how something happened is “luck”. How else can you explain escaping with your life and limbs in tact as a car crash with 2 cars comes right towards you while your walking. The video is pretty much self explanatory, check it out after the jump.

Auto:(Video) WTF!!! Bus Driver Kicks Special Needs Child Off Bus, Literally!!


This bus driver must not care too much about having her job, cause after what she did, there is no way she will still have a job. Her own bus camera caught what happened between her and a 8 year old special needs child on her bus. The child wanted to get off the bus at a stop that is normally not her stop. The driver would not let her and claims the little girl then slapped and hit her. Even if that was true, it is still only a small child. That prompted the school bus driver to then shove the girl off the bus with her foot and send her flying down the stairs and onto the ground. The driver then rushes down to help her, but at this point the damage has been done. To make matters even worse, the young girl fracture her ankle when she fell down the stairs, SMH!! It is over for this driver and her job. Watch the video after the jump.

Auto:(Photos) World’s Most Expensive Car Accident


This accident actually happened about a year ago, but there is a reason it is being talked about now. At the time of this crazy accident, it was called the world’s most expensive car accident. The reason for that was because there were at least 8 Ferrari’s, 1 Lamborghini, and a couple other exotic cars involved that were totaled. The total estimate of the damage was around $4 million. Traveling on a roadway in Japan, a bunch of exotic car owners were taking a drive, when the lead car lost control and set off a horrific chain reaction which led to numerous cars being totaled. A year later, Japan authorities are looking to press charges on all drivers involved, saying they broke numerous traffic laws. I don’t know how they will be able to prove that after all this time. Check out the gallery after the jump to see all the pics from the scene.

Auto:(Video) Cops Get Scare Of A Lifetime


When the police checked the trunk on this car during this traffic stop, I am sure the last thing they thought about was something jumping out towards them. Soon as the trunk opened they both reach for their guns, but only thing is the deer jumping out of the trunk isn’t armed. A man claims he hit the deer while driving on the highway and decided to take it home with the intention of eating the meat. However he must of never checked if the animal was dead or just knocked out because when bambi saw her chance of freedom she took off. Watch the clip after the jump.

Auto:(Video) What Is Wrong With These Racers??

IFWT_rally_car_ crashes

You would think if you are in a race and you see your opponents having problems with the same part of the track repeatedly, that you might learn something right? I guess not because these dudes continue to crash literally in the same exact spot over and over and over and over and so on. It is actually pretty funny to watch, even if you can care less about racing. Check out the video after the jump.

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