Auto:(Video) Car Controlled By I-Pad


The future will soon be here when it comes to cars. The idea of controlling a car by I-pad is pretty cool I must admit, but there is still alot of things that need to be done before the car is out on the open roads with no driver. These dudes in Russia used their brains to program their ride with the Ipad 3. Check out the video after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) Ferrari Loses Control, Crashes Into Pedestrians!!


When your watching a car race as a spectator, you are never truly safe. Especially when the only thing between you and the track are some cheap orange barriers. That is what was in place for safety on this race track in Brazil. A yellow Ferrari 458 lost control and took a few people out in the process. Everyone injured was rushed to the hospital. Check out the video after the jump.

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Auto:(Photos) Sadaam Hussein’s Creepy Mercedes-Benz Limo


This car is both cool, and creepy. Cool because regardless of how you feel about the man, he is a major part of history. Creepy, well because, he is also one of the most hated men in history, depending on who you ask. How many deaths did Sadaam order from the back seat of this limo? This 1978 Mercedes-Benz 600 Landaulet was specifically made for the dictator. Because he is still a very sensitive subject to discuss, the limo has been hiding in the garage of the Petersen museum in L.A. An Iraqi businessman somehow was able to take the car after the Sadaam regime fell, and cross the border into Jordan. From there a call was made to the Petersen. They do plan to restore it and eventually put it on display. Check out the pics in the gallery, and read more after the jump.

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Auto:(Photos) Who Knew These Guys Were Living Like This??


These dudes must be making some cut throat deals on the show “Pawn Stars”. Or maybe the cable network cut them a fat check because the show became popular. The A&E show is where you can find the loveable idiot Chumlee, who despite looking like a sloppy loser, is quite the opposite if you go by his car collection. His driveway looks like a funeral procession with all the black. Black Maserati GT, Black Rolls Royce Phantom, Black Escalade. Good to know if he ever goes broke, he can sell his cars to his own shop. Check out the rides in the gallery after the jump.

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Auto:(Photos) What Did Kim Kardashian Get Pulled Over For Now?


It is amazing that celebrities can make the news for the smallest things, but it is what it is. Another day, another Kardashian in the news. Over the years, Kim Kardashian has been pulled over by police quite a few times. Never for anything serious, and who knows, maybe police just want to stop her and talk or get an autograph. This time however, judging from the pics, Kim actually looked a little concerned. Perhaps it’s because this was the third time her black Mercedes G-wagon was pulled over for the same reason, tinted windows. Kanye was pulled over a couple months ago driving her same G-wagon and got the same treatment, pulled over for tints. Each time it has been nothing more than a warning given out, no tickets. Seems like Kim likes her windows the same way she likes her men, nice and dark. Check out the pictures of her being pulled over in the gallery. She really does look concerned, who knows why though cause if I got pulled over for the same issue more than once, my ass would of been given a ticket or two.

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Auto:(Video) Crazy!! 2 Streetbikes Crash Into The Same car!!


Straight from the rider’s point of view! 1 car, 2 cameras, 2 bikes, and 2 guys on the way to the hospital. Check it out after the jump.

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Auto:(Photo) Paris Hilton Spend $6,000/Month On What Car?


Paris Hilton has alot of old money from her family. So the fact that she can afford $6,000 a month for a car is not surprising. What does surprise me is why she didn’t just cash it out and pay it in full. Her credit report was recently leaked and it showed she owes Toyota almost $215,000 on a car loan she has for the sexy Lexus LFA. The loan is a 60 month loan at almost $6,000/month. The Lexus LFA is the most expensive Lexus out there, and cost more than some Ferrari’s and other super exotic cars. Check out the images of her car and the credit report in the gallery.

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Auto:(Video) Surprise Car Crash In The Dark


Driving at night always has it hazards. You can not see as far as you might like to. You can’t see if cops are hiding to catch you speeding. And you can’t always see things that would pose a threat to your safety. In this video below, the driver gets a surprise of a lifetime when a car literally pops up out of nowhere, because the idiot driver of that car left it abandoned on the highway. No word if the driver in the car with the camera survived, or how badly he/she was injured. Watch the video after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) Drive-By Shooting Caught On Camera


A camera attached to a building in Washington D.C. caught this drive-by as it happened early this morning. Three people were hit by bullets and sent to the hospital. Thankfully nobody was seriously hurt, as all the victims are expected to recover from their injuries. 2 cars were involved in the shooting, as you can see people running for cover from not just the first car, but the second as well. If you look close you can actually see smoke from the gun going off from the first car. Police are hoping anyone with info can help. Check the video after the jump.

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Auto:(Photo) How Did Baby Pull This Off?? $4 Million Dollar Lamborghini Is His!!


Last week I did a post about the official release of the new Lamborghini Veneno, the newest addition to the already famous car maker in years. If you missed that, you can read about that by clicking HERE, trust me you want to see the pics. In that story I mentioned it didn’t matter how rich you are because you still wouldn’t be able to buy the Veneno because Lamborghini said they literally are only making 3 this year. Yes, only 3!! But with a pricetag of just under $4 million, even if you sell 3, thats still $12 million in sales. I don’t know how he pulled it off, but Baby of Cash Money is one of the lucky 3 people in the world to own one. I know he can afford it, so it’s not the money that has me surprised. He already put down the $1 million dollar deposit. I have no clue how he was able to be one of the 3 people to purchase one. I didn’t think anyone in the U.S. had a chance since the car is made in Europe and all those millionaire and billionaire car lovers who live and work there. Congrats to Baby on pulling off the deal. He doesn’t have the car yet, but believe me when he does we will have the pictures. For now check out the gallery after the jump to see what he is

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