Auto:(Photo) FAIL!! This Is What Happens When The Army Drops A Humvee From A Plane


They went and ruined a perfectly good Humvee, smh. It was an accident, but still. Reports say the Humvee was part of an air drop delivering the vehicle, as well as some soldiers. The parachute attached to the truck never opened and the truck fell to the earth from about 800 feet high. I do not see the engine or some other parts , so it is possible this was just the frame of the truck, or when it hit the ground, parts of it went everywhere. Check the gallery after the jump. Do you see how flat the truck became? It is nothing more than a pancake right now.

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Auto:(Video) The Aftermath Of A Nasty, Deadly Car Accident (Warning Graphic)


If you have a weak stomach, then this video is not for you. One of the survivors of this insane crash is actually the person filming. The crash involved a bus and a couple regular size vehicles. The highway was very foggy according to witnesses. You can see parts of cars literally hundreds of feet away from the accidents scene, that just gives you an idea of how hard the impact was. There are people barely clinging to life trying to be removed from the bus and the car that is on fire witnesses said had a dead body still in it. Check out the video after the jump. Prayers go out to all involved.

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Auto:(Photos) Looks Like Ferrari Has A New “Situation” On It’s Hands


Jersey Shore really turned the lives around of a few Italians, or at least some people who portrayed Italians. Mike “The Situation” definitely became one of the bigger stars from the show. He bought 2 Bentleys at the same time not too long ago, one for him and one for his brother. Now he is back at is with a black Ferrari, which I must say is very sexy. You don’t have to like him to like his car game. Check out the gallery after the jump.

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Auto:(Photos) The Game Is Not A Game When It Comes To Cars


Feels like everytime I turn around lately, I am doing a story on the rapper Game, and his cars. If he isn’t buying a new one, he is usually reaching out to fans to ask for help with a new paint color or some other type of customization. What we usually do not see is Game actually driving his cars. He was caught yesterday in his gorgeous cranberry red Porsche Panamera in Los Angeles. The pic is kind of small, so I included another pic of the car itself from his driveway. The Game loves instagram, so if your a car lover, he is definitely someone you should follow @TheGame. Check out the gallery after the jump.

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Auto:(Photos) Oh Sh*t, The 50th Anniversary Lamborghini Is Here, And It’s Insane!!


Everyone has eagerly been anticipating what Lamborghini would do for it’s 50th year anniversary car. Nobody knew what to expect, but everyone knew to expect something huge. And holy sh*t, they did not disappoint. Maybe one of the craziest looking Lamborghini’s ever ( in a good way ) The all new Lamborghini Veneno is out of this world. It literally looks like a car from the future made out of transformers! Interestingly enough, the name “Veneno” comes from a fighting bull that reportedly gained notoriety in 1914 when it killed a matador. If you haven’t realized, they like to name their cars after bulls. And the name Veneno makes sense here. A beast like that should share the name of a car that has 750HP and a top speed of 220mph. Now even if you were super rich and can afford the price tag of $3.9 million, you still wouldn’t be able to own one. The supercar company has commited to making only 3 this year. Yes, literally only 3 of these amazing rides will be made, and all 3 already have an owner waiting, which makes this car maybe one of the most exclusive cars ever made in history. The official release was at the Geneva Auto Show today, hit the gallery after the jump for more pics.

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Auto:(Video) Could This Be The Future Of Driving? Would You Want This?


Toyota is taking the whole Eco-Car craze to another level. In fact, it’s not even a car, its more like a small personal space that Toyota calls a “Personal Mobility Vehicle”. Driver and passenger sit front to back, not side by side. This allows the vehicle to barely be a few feet wide. The I-ROAD, which is the official name, will be debuted tomorrow at the Geneva Auto Show. It only has 3 wheels, and you somewhat ride it like a motorcycle, especially on turns, when your actually tilting the vehicle just like you would a bike, although Toyota has side the driver won’t physically be the one to tilt the car, it will happen on it’s own via some sensors on the car. This is a 100% pure electric car, there is no gas as a backup or anything like that. More info will be released on the car soon, but for now watch the video of them in action after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) Flying Car!!! & Not The Way You Might Think


We all want to have a flying car, but not like this guy. It happens very fast so you might hit replay a few times, but you will see a car get out of control and go flying off the road literally about 20 feet in the air. Check it out after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) You Better Hope Your Car Wasn’t On This Truck


Bad weather can even make a big 18 wheeler slide out of control. This dash cam caught a car-hauler driving down the road and out of nowhere losing control and slamming into a car before taking out an intersection of lights and power wires. I am sure the cars on the truck are ruined. People are lucky that anyone was not seriously hurt, this could of been a disaster. Check out the clip after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) This Is Why Some People Shouldn’t Drive


I guess this woman just can’t handle it when another driver passes her. Someone in a car tried to cut her off at a light, but it was not really a cut off. It was someone trying to merge into a lane to make a turn and this woman lost her mind. The funny thing is the driver of the other car realizes this woman is crazy and starts to mess with her as she chases the other car all over town. Check it out after the jump.

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Auto:(Photo) Ludacris Gets A Custom Range Rover


There is a waiting list in the U.S. for the new Range Rover for about 6 months to a year. But that did not stop Ludacris from getting his on time. I am a big fan of white cars, but especially white Range Rover’s. Luda went beyond that though and had his customized on the inside. The red leather interior reminds me of the “Scarface” days, but it still looks dope to this day. Check out the pic he posted on Instagram in the gallery after the jump.

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