Auto:(Video) “Eleanor” From Gone In 60 Seconds For Sale

You don’t really even have to be into cars to have seen the movie “Gone In 60 Seconds” back in 2000. Or over the years I am sure many of you have seen it on dvd or on TV. The hottest car from that movie, and pretty much the car the movie was based around could now be yours. “Eleanor”, the 1967 Ford Mustang that was the biggest prize for Nicholas Cage in the film is going up for auction next month. Only problem is the car is not going to go for short money. They are expecting bids to get close or pass the $500,000 mark. For a collector it is a must have. Not many people can say they have the actual car from any movie in their garage. This is definitely one of the best Mustangs you will ever see. For those of you who cant quite remember the ride, watch the clip from the movie after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Graphic! Woman Accidently Drives Off Top Floor Of Parking Garage

Prayers go out to this woman’s family. She accidently drove her car off the top floor of a parking garage which was the 4th floor level. Police believed she confused the gas and brake and then lost control before she could recover. The car literally plunged from the top level down onto the street and missed crushing a parking garage attendant by literally only a few feet. The car landed on it’s roof and had an impact so hard the car completely flipped back over to the correct position before rolling down the street. The video really had me in shock. Unfortunately the woman died at the scene. Watch the video after the jump.

Auto:(Photos) Damn..His Car Game Is A Crazy Situation

You know something is wrong with this country when people who have no talent get famous for doing things that had nothing to do with working hard or making an effort in life. That seems to be the basis of damn near every so-called “reality” show anyway. But you can’t hate on the people who are reeping the rewards of these type of things if the public is the one that allows it to happen. Take Mike “The Situation” from Jersey Shore for example. It is not his fault himself and half the cast became actual stars for being trashy drunks who partied for a living. Do you think he cares when he goes to the bank? Or when he looks in his garage? He really does have a situation going on in his garage and the situation is his car game will put most of you to shame. He already has a Bentley, Porsche Turbo, Lamborghini, Ferrari, a Jeep Wrangler and now he just added the brand new BMW M5 in that Pepsi blue color to the collection. Check out the pics in the gallery after the jump and think about this. While you were working hard trying to get ahead in life, you should of just tried to get on a reality show lol.

Auto:(Photo) Nicki Minaj Keeps It Classy With The Maybach

Usually when you see Nicki Minaj in a picture with a car, it is usually either her pink Bentley Continental or the bright red Lamborghini, both attention grabbing cars. Not to say the Maybach is not an attention getter, but it is much more subtle and is in a different level of luxury. Her other whips are meant to be driven, while the Maybach is more of a sophisticated sit back and enjoy the ride style. I doubt she owns the black Maybach, maybe that is what takes her to and from the set of American Idol, or any other of her events. But either way it is a nice look with her. Maybe she has grown up a bit and is changing things up. Her music is not for me, but I also don’t hate. The shoes on her feet in the pics put the shoes on the Maybach to shame. Check out the pics in the gallery after the jump.

Auto:(Photos) The Game’s Completed Camaro..Crazy!!

About a month ago, I did a story about the Game wanting his fans help with choosing the new color for his new Chevy Camaro. He wanted his fans to hit him on Instagram with color & paint job ideas, which you can read about HERE. Well the Car is now finished and it is seriously one of the dopest Camaro’s I have ever seen. It is 2-tone, with silver & black and a little bit of red outline all the way around. You know Game would have red in there somewhere. I wonder if any of his fans gave him that idea? Check out the ride in the pics after the jump.

Auto:(Photos) Ray J Upgrades His Porsche Panamera

The Porsche Panamera is already a dope ride when it is sitting stock on the dealership lot. That didn’t stop Ray J from going ahead and making some slight changes to make the whip customized just for him. When you are dealing with these super luxury cars, it doesn’t take much to make a big impact on the look. He took his all white Panamera and had a bunch of black accents added to it, with most importantly the black & white Forgiato wheels. Black mirrors, black door handles, black pipes. Really not huge changes but it makes the ride look so different. Him and his fiance Mia Milano were out and about doing some shopping when the car was seen. Check out the pics after the jump. I even included a picture of the stock Panamera before the changes.

Auto:(Photo) Did Tyler The Creator Really Cop This??

The problem with people who joke and play all the time is when they are being serious, you aren’t sure what to believe. Tyler posted a picture to his Instagram page sitting on a Ferrari F-12 with the caption “copped”. Now, to be real, he has been doing quite good for himself the past couple years, so I am not saying he can’t afford a Ferrari at this point. I kind of hope he was joking though, because the way he be acting, that F-12 would be destroyed in a few weeks. Check out the pic after the jump of him and the ride.

Auto:(Video) WTH?? What Is This Old Man Doing In The Parking Lot??

Straight up everything about this video is hilarious. First off, I need to know why this older man thought the best place to practice his nunchucks skills was in the parking lot of a grocery store right next to his truck. Secondly, the person who is filming him from a distance will have you dying from laughter with the way he is narrating the video. It is kind of a Kevin Hart rip off, but still very funny. Lastly, the way the old man gives up after hurting his finger will keep the laughs going. Check out the video after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Cop Punches Man In The Face For Literally No Reason!!

I am already a little riled up from my last story about the NYPD killing a dirt bike rider. Now I come across this. A man on a motorcycle was pulled over for running a red light. Ok, no big deal, give the man a ticket and send him on his way, or if he doesn’t have a license arrest him and take him in. Vancouver police are investigating one of their own officers after the video was uploaded to Facebook a few days ago. The entire event is captured on video by someone passing by. You can see the man is getting put in handcuffs (not sure why) but it is clear he is not resisting, when all a sudden, the plain clothes officer just punches him dead in the face! The officer is trying to say the man was resisting, but how can you even begin to believe that is you saw the video. Even if the man was resisting earlier before the camera comes on wouldn’t matter, because when he gets punched he is being very calm and cooperative. Hopefully this officer is disciplined. The police motto is to serve and protect, not pull over and punch! Watch the video after the jump.

Auto:(Video) WOW! Caught On Camera: NYPD Runs Over & Kills Dirt Bike Rider In The Bronx

This actually happened back in October 2012, but there is a reason it is being brought up again this week. Please leave comments about this story and let us know how you feel. In the video, you can see clear as day a NYPD patrol car literally hit and run over 2 men on a dirt bike in the Bronx. The prosecutor declined to charge the officer driving with any wrong doing. Meanwhile, the man driving the dirt bike actually died as a result of the police car hitting him, and the passenger on the back required surgery on his leg. The controversy starts with the fact that the man on the back on the bike is due in court this week to face charges of reckless endangerment, resisting arrest and reckless driving. However he is now suing the NYPD for that crash. I hope he has a case. We all know dirt bike riding through the streets of New York City is illegal, but it is hardly a serious crime. For anyone who watches the video of the crash, it is very difficult to believe the Cop driving did not do that on purpose. It wasn’t like he was caught offguard by the bike or anything like that. He had it in his sights the same way a Air Force jet has an enemy in its sights right before shooting the enemy out of the sky. You can not tell me this was an accident. This is a case of a cop…

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