Auto:(Video) Cop Resigns After Causing Car Accident On Purpose


Video don’t lie. Deputy Craig Culpepper of the North Carolina Sheriff’s office was driving his patrol car on the highway in South Carolina coming back from a training exercise. He seems to have caught a case of road rage along the way judging from this video. Driver Chad Walton has a dash cam in place and it catches the officer driving like an idiot and brake checking the driver and causing a fender bender on the highway. The officer has since resigned and somehow tried to blame the other driver, claiming he was baited into the accident. I don’t know how he can explain that one since it is all captured on video, but whatever. The officer is completely out of line on this clip and resigned more cause of embarrassment I am sure. Watch the clip after the jump.

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Auto:(Photos) How Did President Obama’s Limo Wind Up Here?


The smallest things can cause the biggest headaches. But picture something small you did causing a headache for one of the most important people in the world. While in Israel, President Obama had his limo “The Beast” brought along for the trip. However someone managed to destroy the engine and leave the President stuck. One of the staffers put diesel gas in the engine , even though it takes regular gas. The limo never started again! They are waiting for a new one to arrive from Jordan, which by now I am sure has arrived. Damn how can you ruin Obama’s limo man?? Check out the pics after the jump.

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Auto:(Photos) You Want Jesse Pinkman’s Car From “Breaking Bad”?


I personally am not a big fan of the show “Breaking Bad”, but I know alot of you guys are. So here is the 1984 Toyota Tercel that Jesse Pinkman used in the series. It was found on a used car lot in New Mexico with a “best offer” price tag on it. The car looks like crap aside from the fact it was in a tv show. Check out the pics after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) Driver Leads Cops On Chase With Officer Hanging From Car


Watching all these crazy videos thanks to drivers who have dash cams seriously makes me want to get one for my own ride. Imagine all the crazy things you see on the road that you tell your friends about but wish there was a video to show it. A dash cam captures this police chase that is seconds from ending in death for one of the police officers. The driver leads a chase with a cop hanging from his car for a very long time. Eventually he is caught and I am sure gets his ass beat off camera. Check it out after the jump.

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Auto:(Photos) WTH?!? Is She Really Buying This?


Damn, maybe little people really do have the napoleon complex. Seems like the shorter people of the world always have to be the loudest or draw the most attention to themselves. Hayden Panettiere looks like she is no exception and is embracing the complex. Check out the pics after the jump of the truck she claims she is about to buy. I hope it is not true because she would look ridiculous trying to drive this around. She posted on Instagram with the caption “”I know I’m small, but COME ON! I think this should be my new ride. #Napoleonsyndrome.”

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Auto:(Photos) The Next BMW Concept Car Will Blow Your Mind


This BMW looks like by the time it ever gets released ( if it even does ), it will fly you to space. There are no details on this car as of yet. It is literally just a concept for now. No visions of being a production car anytime soon or the public ever being able to get their hands on it. But if that time ever comes I would expect this car to be priced more like a Ferrari instead of a Beamer. The lines on the car and the shape of the body are mean. Looks european, but mixed with muscle! Check out the gallery after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) Car Accident Turns Man Into Jackie Chan


You usually only see this type of action in a movie. The Honda Accord has a minor traffic incident with 2 other guys. It looks like one of them winds up on the hood of the car before rolling off and trying to karate kick the driver window. But the second guy is the amazing one. As the Honda starts to pull off again, all you see is a man coming over top of the car and flying through the air like he was a stunt double in a fighting movie. It is pretty impressive, but I wonder what would of happened if the car never took off and stayed there. Would we have seen the best fight scene ever? lol. Check the video after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) What Hollywood Star Did This Weird Chinese Commercial For Cadillac


First off, if your doing a commercial for China, then why is it filmed in San Francisco? There has been a long running behind the scenes type of thing with famous hollywood actors. For years, the faces of our favorite movies have done commercials overseas, mainly in Asia, that people in America would never see. Reason is because usually the products are cheap, or the commercial looks cheap itself, and they don’t want their biggest fans back at home to have a negative perception of them. The other thing is these actors are usually paid a HUGE sum of money to do a 30 second ad. Brad Pitt is the newest member of this group. His commercial looks good, it is for Cadillac so of course it is not going to look cheap, but there doesn’t seem to be any reason for him to be in it. He doesn’t say a word, it shows his face a few times, but that’s it. I guess they are banking on the Chinese just loving Brad Pitt. Check out the ad after the jump, because you will never see it on TV here in the states.

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Auto:(Photos) WTF? What’s With Kardashians Always Being Pulled Over By Police


Am I the only person who is starting to think members of the Kardashian family get pulled over on purpose? Only thing is, I don’t know if it’s the police doing it, or the family members themselves, since they are always dying for any attention they can get. Yes I know some of you may be thinking “wtf is this guy talking about”, and I get that. I realize it does not make much sense, but for a family that is pretty much full of law abiding citizens, they are being seen pulled over way to much. It just seems weird to me. The newest incident was yesterday with Rob Kardashian pulled over by police for an unknown reason. Kim Kardashian has literally been pulled over on countless occasions, as well as Khloe, Kourtney and the mother Kris. Strange thing is very rarely do any of these incidents result in any tickets or citations. By now LAPD has to know the vehicles that belong to this family, so what is going on? See the pictures in the gallery after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) 4 Men Arrested For This Great Marriage Proposal On The Highway


Not sure if you guys caught it, but a couple months ago I did a story on a very creative marriage proposal that took place on a highway in California. The Bike gang ( and I mean that in a good way) stopped traffic for a few minutes so the groom to be could surprise his fiance with a moment she would never forget. You can read about that story HERE. Well now 2 months later, California police have arrested 4 of the men involved including the groom. This is nothing more than some hating officials who want to feel like they made a point. The 4 were arrested for investigation of misdemeanor public nuisance and participating in an unlawful assembly, with 24-years-old Hector Martinez also under investigation of exhibition of speed. Give me a break man, these are some decent dudes who played a role in a fun loving event. For those who didn’t see it, check the video after the jump.

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