Auto:(Photo) Looks Like Tyga Is Spending That “Young Money”


Young money, old money, new money. Doesn’t matter what type of money you got when you are always making trips to the dealership. They gonna take any kind of money you got. Tyga looks like is he living good off his work if you go by his Instagram pictures. He posted this pic recently showing his driveway full of luxury whips. His mini-fleet consists of a Mercedes SLS AMG, Merdeces G-wagon, Rolls Royce Ghost, and the same Lamborghini Aventador that he crashed a few months back looks good as new. Does he own all these cars? Not necessarily, they could be leased, they could even belong to a friend. But in an industry where perception is sometimes reality, if it looks like your doing big things, chances are people will believe in it. Check out the pic after the jump.

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Auto:(Photos) Damn!! Would You Pay $32,000 For A Bicycle Made By Lamborghini?


We all know Lamborghini’s are expensive, but in this case that is an understatement!! We are used to rides with 4 wheels from the car maker, not 2! BMC, a Swiss bicycle maker, collaborated with the Italian car maker to create the 50th anniversary limited edition “Impec”. Only 50 of them will be made and the bike is made with some of the same materials that go into a Lambo, such as the carbon fiber, and the same leather on the bike that is in the cars. But still, IDGAF! For $32,000, this bike better turn into an actual Lamborghini every once in a while. Check out the gallery after the jump.

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Auto: You Don’t Want To Wear Your Seatbelt?? Then You Should Buy This, LOL


There have been a couple of times in my past where I could of used this shirt. I am guilty of never wanting to wear my seatbelt and have gotten a couple of tickets because of it. If I would of thought of this shirt first, maybe I could of got out of my tickets lol. Someone in China came up with the “Seatbelt shirt” as a way to avoid wearing his or her seatbelt. A certain area of China, police have been cracking down on people not wearing them because recently there have been many accidents where people were ejected from their vehicles. Even though it is for our safety, clearly I am not the only person who hates wearing seatbelts. Read more after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) Police Brutality At It’s Finest With This Motorcycle Rider


Police brutality is something that is never going to end. No matter how many good, hard working cops there are in the world, there are always going to be the ones who are too happy with the power that comes with a badge and will abuse it. Case in point would be these officers on this video. Not sure what country this is, but this rider was pulled over for riding on the back of a motorcycle backwards, not really a big deal. But once police put the man in cuffs, look what they do to him for literally no apprarent reason. Tasing him, pushing him, and finally flipping him on his head! These officers are currently under investigation for this, but I would be surprised if anything comes out of it. Watch the video after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) You Want Fries With That Road Rage?


No better way to show your anger towards someone than throwing your food at them, right? But then your angry AND still hungry because you decided to cover someone’s car in hamburgers, fries and shakes. I am not sure why the driver pulled up so close to this woman, but I guess he wasn’t expecting his nice car to look like it went through a drive-thru. Check out the funny video after the jump.

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Auto:(Photo) Another Kardashian, Another New Ride


The Kardashian family clearly can never be behind the times. Why else would you get rid of a 2012 Range that didn’t get much use at all and go for the new 2013 Range instead. I am not debating how nice Khloe Kardashian’s new Range Rover is with the white on white. I am just wondering why? But I guess when money is no object, you do as you please, not what’s practical. I wonder if Lamar wrote the check for this ride, or was it more of that talentless Kardashian money. Can you tell I am not the biggest fan? But I also am not a hater. The Range is hot, and it’s even more exclusive knowing the majority of people in the U.S. will be waiting 6 months on average to purchase a new rover. Check out the pic in the gallery after the jump.

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Auto:(Photo) What Supercar Did Sean Kingston Add To His Collection


A few years ago, I would bet Sean Kingston would have a tough time fitting comfortably inside of a Lamborghini. But him focusing on his health and losing all that weight has him feeling good and looking good. In this case, looking good means being able to enjoy his wealth in the cockpit of a Lamborghini Aventador. The paint job on the ride looks mean, with the silver matte finish and the black rims. He posted the pic on his Instagram account. What you guys think? Check out the ride in the gallery after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) *Warning Graphic* Horrific Crash Caught On Camera


This crash happened earlier today and was caught on dash cam. It is incredible that everyone involved survived. God was definitely looking over them when this happened. If you look close, you can actually see someone ejected from one of the cars and slide underneath the front of the car with the camera on it. How that person survived is crazy. Check out the video after the jump.

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Auto:(Movie Trailer) Ironman 3 Dumps His Acura NSA For His Audi R8


Only car lovers would probably even notice this. The first 2 Ironman movies, Tony Stark was pushing a sexy white Audi R8. For the avenger’s movie, they had him in the cockpit of the Acura NSX concept car. Guess he wasn’t feeling it, because for the 3rd installment of Ironman, he is back to the Audi family. Check out the trailer after the jump.

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Auto: I Woke Up In My New Bugatti…SUV


The Bugatti is by far one of the most expensive cars in the world. Sticker price is well over a Million dollars. Only way you are driving a Bugatti is if your are super rich and buy one, or just want to front and rent one from a luxury rental place for your music video. Since having a Bugatti is an elite status symbol, what would it be like to have a SUV added to the fleet. This concept is many years away from being a reality but the thought of it would intrigue many people. Check out the gallery after the jump.

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