Auto:(Photos) Remember When I Said This Is Why You Shouldn’t Drive A Ferrari In Sh*t Weather?


Last week I did a story on DJ Afrojack, who is most famous for being the one time boyfriend of Paris Hilton. The story wasn’t really about him, but more about the Ferrari he wrecked just 2 hours after buying it. Read about that story HERE. This post shows how quickly the dude is back on his feet, or should I say seat. He already has a new blue Ferrari 458 to make him forget about the red one he wrecked. Check it out in the gallery after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) You Have To See What This Guy Does To Bad Drivers


This guy is hilarious, and he is doing what we all wish we could. A bus driver in Russia got tired of people constantly driving like idiots and causing accidents. So he installed a dash cam on his shift in 2007 and has been recording accidents since. The only difference is now HE is the one causing the accidents, but not in a way you might think. He has had to go to court for over 100 traffic accidents and has been cleared every single time. The reason is the accidents he is involved in are also the fault of idiot drivers. Basically anytime someone cuts right in front of the bus, or swerves into the path or does anything someone should not be doing, he literally just hits their vehicle with his bus to teach them a lesson. You will see what I mean in the video after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) Watch The New Lamborghini Veneno In Action


Earlier this week, we did a story on the debut of the Lamborghini Veneno, which you can read about HERE. At the time there were only some amazing photos to share, but now we have video so you can see the car in motion and get a better view of it. Watch the video after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) School Bus Driver’s Fired For Drag Racing With Kids!!


SMH. Even though part of me wants to laugh at this story, I know it is not funny. 2 bus driver in Iowa were fired for drag racing their buses against each other, while kids were still on the bus! If I was a parents I would probably be more angry, but since I am not, it’s making me laugh because I am picturing it. Check the video after the jump of the local news interviewing kids that were on the bus.

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Auto:(Video) Woman Steals Police Car, Hits Someone And Is Chased Through Philly


Earlier today, I did a story on a woman from Charlotte who stole a police car for no reason, you can read about that HERE. But she has nothing on this girl. How about stealing 2 cop cars, from 2 different cities in the same day. A man and woman stole a cop car in Camden, NJ while the officer had someone else pulled over. They ran over the cop has they drove off. They then drove into Philadelphia where police pursued them. The car got boxed in and the male passenger was arrested. Somehow the woman actually got away and was able to hop in the driver’s seat of a Philadelphia police car!! Crazy. She then leads a new chase through the streets until cops take her down hard. Watch the chase on video after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) Your Phone Can Now Tell You How Drunk You Are? Yes..Really!


Now you can save yourself the embarassment and fines that come along with a D.W.I. Your smartphone can now help you figure out how drunk you are. Say hello to “AlcoHoot”, the first smartphone app that will help you see your blood alcohol content (BAC). The device connects to your phone via bluetooth, and then the AlcoHoot app displays on your phone your actual BAC. It takes into account your age, gender, weight and height. It even goes as far as to show you numbers to cab companies if it shows you are drunk. It is pretty amazing. Android users will have to wait a little while for the app to be available. Watch the video after the jump to see how it works.

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Auto:(Video) Motorcycle Rider Hits The Ground Hard


Riding a motorcycle safely is never a sure bet. Even if you are the best rider ever, you still can’t control other people in their cars. This rider has nobody to blame but himself. He takes a turn too fast and then tries to hit the brakes too hard which is never a good idea on a motorcycle. The Kawasaki Ninja does not agree and throws him hard to the ground. Check the video after the jump.

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Auto:(Video) King Of Ferrari’s “LaFerrari” Makes It’s Debut At Geneva


Ferrari pulled out all the stops for it’s first new model in almost 10 years. The Ferrari “LaFerrari”, yes that is the official name of the new car, was debuted today at the Geneva Auto Show. The anticipation about this car has been off the charts, as there have been many guesses as to what the successor to the “Enzo” would be. How about almost 1,000hp!! On a street legal car that is insane! The V12 engine will go 0-60 in less than 3 seconds, and will hit over 125mph in less than 7 seconds. That is whiplash type of acceleration. Check out the official video below after the jump to see the in’s and out’s of this magnificent car.

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Auto:(Photo) Stealing a Cop Car For No Reason? You Still Go To Jail, Dumba**


The only time most of us will get to ride in a police car, is if we are getting a free ride in the back seat to the nearest jail or police station. Even though some of us may be curious how it feels to drive a cop car and throw on those lights, we will not get to experience it unless we are trying to be a officer. That is unless you are this “genius” girl from Charlotte, NC. See what she did after the jump and check her mugshot in the gallery.

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Auto:(Photo) FAIL!! This Is What Happens When The Army Drops A Humvee From A Plane


They went and ruined a perfectly good Humvee, smh. It was an accident, but still. Reports say the Humvee was part of an air drop delivering the vehicle, as well as some soldiers. The parachute attached to the truck never opened and the truck fell to the earth from about 800 feet high. I do not see the engine or some other parts , so it is possible this was just the frame of the truck, or when it hit the ground, parts of it went everywhere. Check the gallery after the jump. Do you see how flat the truck became? It is nothing more than a pancake right now.

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