(Caught On Tape) Ouch! PBS Reporter Gets Trampled By Rowdy Crowd At SXSW Festival

During a metal performance at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, a reporter from PBS got caught in an intense mosh pit while broadcasting live on air. Poor guy looked hurt! Check out the video below.

(Video) Caught On Tape: The Moment The Buildings In Harlem Exploded

This was one of the craziest moments in NYC, 2 buildings in Harlem exploded out of no where, we now know it was natural gas, but it left several people dead, and even more injured. We all really wondered what that possibly looked like, well they’ve found security tape from across the street showing exactly what happened that moment.

(Caught On Tape) A Grown Man Punches A Child In Broad Daylight And Takes His WHAT!?!?

Sad news for Minneapolis. One man, common with police, robbed an 8-year-old child and it was all caught on tape. The robber’s name is Aaron Stillday. He’s now being charged with first-degree aggravated robbery after walking up to the the child, as he was walking with his grandmother, and punched him in the face before taking off with his iPad. Check out the video after the jump.

Update: (Graphic*Video/Photos) Car Plows Into Crowd At SXSW Leaving 2 Dead

This is very sad to see for the folks having a good time at the yearly Music+Tech festival down in Austin, which brings in crowds from around the globe, especially with all the musical acts performing down there this year.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Bikers Terrorize Police In The Streets Of NYC

I’ve grown up on the streets of NYC, and bikes have always been apart of being out there, but it seems as though lately it’s getting a lot more aggressive.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Guy Gets Knocked Out At SXSW 2104

All the fun at SXSW in Austin Texas came to an abrupt end for 1 young man as he got knocked out in front of his tight shorts shorty, on the low, it wasn’t clean, but he can only be upset at himself for not walking away like he started too 0_o

(Caught On Tape) Mexican Hitman Brutally Murders Cashier Inside Crowded Supermarket

A hitman was caught on tape executing a female cashier in front of dozens of witnesses at a popular local Superama supermarket in Mexico. The killer (wearing all black) is spotted rushing up to the victim whose being identified as 29-year-old “Rebecca N,” shooting her dead in the abdomen, and walking away all in a matter of a few seconds. According to police officials, the victim’s husband was also shot dead just three months ago in the town of Jiutepec. Take a look at the gruesome video below. Viewers discretion is advised.

(Video) Disturbing: Pregnant Woman Argues With Baby Father On NYC Subway & Fight Breaks Out

Domestic violence is a very serious issue that exists everywhere. However, it’s also a cycle that becomes extremely hard to break if it’s not nipped in the butt from the rip. A disturbing incident on a NYC subway was caught on camera of a pregnant woman arguing with her abusive baby father. After the passengers on the train peeped game, a fight broke out after the man tried to put his hands on his girl. Check out the upsetting video footage below.

(Video) Justin Bieber’s Deposition Caught On Film! Let’s Just Say, BRAT!

If you were holding out for Justin Bieber to clean up his act (LIKE ME) – there should be none left! Justin Bieber’s bodyguard attacked a photog a while back and just last week the cocky and ever-so bratty 20-year-old had to show up to the deposition, where he gives the opposing attorney hell. After throwing a temper tantrum for being asked about his one true love, Selena Gomez, JB storms out, only to come back with the same terrible attitude and calling the deposition a “60 Minutes” piece. Check it out after the jump.

(Video) #WhereDeyDoDatAt: Woman Casually Takes It ALL OFF On The Subway!

If you’ve ever rode on the subway, you’re familiar with the very peculiar things that one may see. A chick was recently caught on tape in China changing her outfit on the subway, baring it all for the passengers to see (and now the whole world since it was video tapped).

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