(18+*Video) Caught On Tape: Silly Chick Gets Stuck In Latex Bubble

I mean this chick is the type of ‘silly’ that really gets on your last nerve.

(Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Man Tries To Murder His Wife

This happen outside the US, yet still very disturbing. After a car crash, the wife jumps out and tries to run, a passerby catches it from there, the husband chases her down and apparently tries to finish what the car crash didn’t do.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Man Knocks Out Drunk Kid To Save His Life

This is funny, but in all honesty, one dude was dragging this drunk dummy off a race track in order to make sure he doesn’t get run over, but the fight back pissed another dude off to the point where he just said screw this, and knocked due out!

(Video) Sports: Crazy! MSU Football Recruit Arrested After Body Slamming Security Guard

Damn, this is kinda crazy.  Detroit Cass Tech QB & 2015 MSU commit, Jayru Campbell, body slammed a security guard at school and was arrested yesterday.  The footage of what happened was caught on camera and while it may not be the best footage — the sound of what happened says it all.  This kid may have just ruined his future. SMH. Check it out…

(18+*Video) BAD Parenting! Little Girl Repeats ‘Choice Words’ She Heard From Her Parents

For shame for Shame! And that babysitter should def be fired for encouraging this!!

(Warning*Extreme*Graphic) Woman Cuts Off Her Husbands ‘Package’ [Photo/Video]

This indian woman went ‘lorraina Bobbet’ on her husband because she ‘suspected’ he was cheating. No word on if he was, but this story is crazier than the Bobbet saga!

(Video) Bumbaclot: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Speaks In Jamaican Patois After Hitting The Bottle ‘A Little’

LMFAO! Just when we think Toronto Mayor Rob Ford cannot get any crazier, he pulls a new stunt like this. Ford was caught on camera at the Steak Queen restaurant in Rexdale, Toronto immitating a Jamaician and cursing in Patois. He kept saying “bumbaclot” over and over again (and it is HILARIOUS). After the video went viral, Ford admitted to reporters that he had been drinking “a little” prior to his actions that were videotaped. Click below and peep the hilarious video of the crack-smoking mayor.

(Warning*Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: 2 Cops Murdered During Robbery

I may a dude from the street, but this is NOT clean, especially knowing these idiots will prob get the death penalty for whatever they got from a bakery. Dirt is Dirt, and Robbing a bakery to feed your fam is one thing, but murdering 2 cops is just dumb….But maybe that’s why I didn’t continue that street life.

(18+*Video) Strippers And Adult Entertainment Stars Gather For AVN 2014

While I was at CES, some of the convention employees were talking about the upcoming week(which was last week) and AVN being in there, now being this was a new and bigger venue for the AVN, I believe it also meant ‘No Full Nudity’, or actual pornographic acts, like AVN is known for, so although the footage below is Nice, it may not be as nice as we’d want.

(Audio) NFL: Arian Foster Soon To Be Baby Mama CAUGHT on Tape Lying After Phone Call Leaks!!

Well well well. I don’t know why people don’t think at some point they’re going to get caught lying when technology is everywhere.  It looks like Brittany Norwood (the woman pregnant with Arian’s love child) has been caught red handed.  A recording has been leaked of a conversation she had with Arian Foster — and she’s denying everything that she originally accused Arian of doing. Check it out…

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