(VIDEOS) NFL: Damn!! Man Caught Punching Woman In The Face After Jets Game!

IFWT_Jets fan punches woman  2

Really?!  This is what’s happening out there?!  C’mon b!  There’s never a reason for violence at a sporting event, but for a man to punch a woman in the face is just unacceptable!! SMH.
Video & details after the jump…

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(Graphic*Video) Man Accidentally Shoots Wife While Arguing With Ex-Wife’s Husband


So this is the type of thing that happens when you let your current boo mix words with your ex boo, which should not happen when a child is involved, but that’s what happened!

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(Video) Caught On Tape: Woman Kidnapped In Broad Daylight By Another Woman?!

IFWT_Woman Kidnapped in daylight

As I was looking for more video on the Miss Bum Bum competition, I ran across this video that happened this week in Brazil. A woman walking down the street some where in Brazil was just snatched of the street by another woman.

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(Warning: Graphic Video) Terrorists Enter Kenya Mall & Casually Shoot Shoppers, Chat On Their Cells & Pray

Shooting in Kenya's Westgate Mall

This is so sad. The shocking footage of last month’s Westgate Mall attacks in Kenya has been released, and it gives some insight into the horror and panic the shoppers faced because of the 4 attackers.

More than 60 people died, and the number may rise as officials fear additional, unidentified bodies remain buried under rubble from the mall’s partial collapse.

Terror group Al Shabab, an Al Qaeda affiliate, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was retribution for Kenya’s deployment of troops into Somalia.

Watch the graphic video below.

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(Video) J. Cole & Diddy Fight Caught On Tape!

J. Cole

Are the two are coming at each other once again?! Cole and Diddy squashing the rumors of their “beef” and making a joke of it instead. Check out this installment of Revolt TV after the jump!

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(Video) “Stop And Frisk” On Another Level In Philadelphia!


Most police officers have nothing to do with themselves! I can’t! After Philadelphia police pull the, ‘stop and frisk’ method on a couple young dudes simply walking down the block, they do the bad cop/bad cop routine. Calling the dudes, “a**holes” and telling one of them that they “weaken the country!” Just so happens that one of the guys were recording the incident, and one of the officers was pretty upset about that so, he – like his friend – was slammed against a police cruiser. These guys really took it to another level when they tried to pin on them, “crossing the street while on a red light” scenario. Be real! Pissed at the radio guy and everything. Hit the jump and have a listen.

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(Caught On Camera) The Perfect Reason Why NOT To Do Drugs


A group of junkies were caught on camera, well, being junkies. This video should make everyone think twice before wanting to try ANY type of D-rug.. SMH! Hit the jump for the wacky vid of the day.

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(Warning*18+*Video) Caught On Tape: Woman Almost Loses Top During Drift!!


Well this isn’t as exciting as a woman naked in a Rally car, but it’s not bad! I’m thinking the lack of a bra helped with the ‘busting open’ of her shirt during this adventure.

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Caught On Tape: Woman Goes BUCK WILD On A Flight To Tampa!


While aboard a flight to Tampa, Florida, a woman was caught on tape throwing a b*tch fit for no apparent reason. Hit the jump and check it out!

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(Video) Riff Raff Threatens To Fight An Audience Member That Did THIS!!!!

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Rapper (I Think?), Riff Raff was performing in Ohio when an anonymous audience member threw a beer can at him. Immediately after, he tells the DJ to cut the music and yells this…

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