(Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Bus Driver Gets Bad BEATING

Ok This is NOT cool, BUT the Bus Driver did put his hand on the guy before the guy did anything, And I repeat this is not cool, and more than likely will not help him legally, I’m just saying.

(Caught On Tape) Chicago Politician Gets Knocked For Getting Lap Dances By Strippers In Office

Chicago politician Jason Ervin wanted to have a memorable bachelor party before he got married in February of 2012, so he decided to invite the strippers to his place of work to twerk it out for some pre-marital fun. However, after the video went viral via YouTube, the alderman has been under fire for the explicit actions. Although there is technically nothing illegal about the actions, it’s just real embarrassing at the end of the day. “Let me be clear, I never used City or campaign funds for this event. This event was not held in my Aldermanic or political office, but on another floor of the building, where neither City nor political funds are spent,” Ervin went on to explain. Check out the full news report below.

(Video) Young Girl Attempts To Commit Suicide On Tape By Swallowing 6 Full Bottles Of Pills

Nala Morrison had the camera rolling while she chose to pour her heart out just before she swallowed six full bottles of her father’s pills. Luckily, her suicide attempt failed and she was able to pull through. Her detailed tell-all explained everyone who she thought played a factor in her decision making process to take her own life. So sad! Take a look at the video below and make sure to keep Nala in your thoughts and prayers.

(18+*Video) Caught On Tape: Chicks Fight With Booty’s Out

Now we do HATE the ignorance, but we also like when thongs come out, soooooo..

(Video) Caught On Tape: Pizza Hut Worker Relieves Himself In The Sink

Disgusting! I Sooooo Love Pizza Hut, I’m just happy I don’t live in West Virginia!

*Updated* (VIDEO) NFL: Yikes! Video Surfaces of Ray Rice Dragging Unconscious Fiancee After Altercation

Wow, so maybe the rumors were true that Ray Rice knocked his fiancee during an argument?!?  Let’s not jump to too many conclusions though.  The video has no volume and we don’t know what happened before those elevator doors opened.  Police reports said that they both struck each other and it was a minor incident.  So I’m not sure what to think here, but it does look bad. Check out the footage…

(Video) NBA: Aww Man, LOL! Melo Caught Checking Out Female Fan After Loss!

Nothing wrong with looking right?!?!  I’m sure La La will have something to say about this, but Melo was caught checking out a female fan that was courtside as he headed to the lockerroom after the Knicks lost to the Grizzlies.  I had to laugh at this.  C’mon Melo, don’t you know there’s cameras everywhere?! Lol. Check it out…

(Video) In Ratchet News: Half Naked Woman Twerks That Thang In A Bucket Of Water In Broad Day Light!

LMAO, I’ve seen some sh*t before but this video might take the cake. As extremely disgusted as I am after watching this, such ratchet behavior is still so…damn…entertaining. A chubby woman (who’s wearing basically nothing) busted it open in broad day light inside of a small bucket of water right on the side walk with NO shame in her game. Yeah, gross. Check out the video below for some good ol’ morning ratchetness to begin your day with.

(18+*Video) Caught On Tape: Woman ‘Goes In’ On Herself On Subway

Lol, she was ‘no holds barred’ on a public subway…thank god it was over the pants at least 0_o

(Video) Woman Forces Man To Tap Out During Horseplay!

This is pretty funny, he thought it was going to be a piece of cake(prob thought he’d be touching some cake as well), but this young lady is not to be underestimated, she is on her game!!

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