(Video) Man Impersonates Cast Of “Breaking Bad” For Food!!


2 College kids couldn’t get enough, so much that they brought him food back to get some more as they knew he ‘Will Impersonate For Food’.

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(Audio) Biker Who Witnessed Westside Highway Incident Calls Funk Flex On Hot 97


An anonymous Biker who was present at yesterday’s Biker Vs SUV situation on Manhattan’s Westside Highway called up Hot 97 to recap what took place with Funk Flex. Check out audio after the jump & give us your opinion in the comments.

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*Updated* Caught On Camera: Man Gets BRUTALLY Attacked After Hitting Bikers With SUV

IFWT_cop and biker

So this made major news today. Yesterday on the West Side Highway in NYC, a pack of motorcyclists chased down a man named Alexian Lien after he hit a bunch of the bikers with his SUV. When the group of bikers caught up with the driver, they dragged him out of his car and beat the SH*T out of him while his wife and young child were subjected to watched. They reportedly slashed his face up with a knife and punched him over and over again. Check out the disturbing video footage after the jump caught by one of the biker’s helmet cameras!

UPDATED: Photos surfaced of the biker that got hit by the man’s Range Rover and it is NOT pretty. Check out the gruesome flick in the gallery.

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(Video) Caught On Tape: Angered Man Punches Female Cashier Dead In The Grill For WHAT?!!?


An out-of-control customer was at Chevron gas station in Lakewood, New Jersey when the female store clerk over-charged him. Out of anger, he punched ol’ girl right in the face before fleeing the scene. Check out the wild caught on tape footage below.

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(Video) WTF? Wild Russian Teen Chugs 3 Bottles Of Vodka…. At The Same Damn Time


This video legit gives me alcohol poisoning along with a month-long hangover just by watching it. Check out this video of a Russian teen chugging three bottles of vodka BACK TO BACK like it’s nothing after the jump.

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(Caught on Tape) MLB: Fan Fondles Woman’s Boobs at Braves Game!

IFWT_Man and boobs 4

Was the game that boring?! Or was this guy…just being a guy?! Lol. It was the best of both worlds for the fan … that the nation got to see. A man was caught at the Braves game the other day on TV feeling up his girl.

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(Caught On Tape) Watch The Moment A Lamborghini Crashes In Half In Brooklyn!!


One home’s surveillance camera captured the moment that a Lamborghini Aventador –speeding down a Brooklyn street– was hit by a swerving sedan. After the two cars made contact, the Lamborghini spun out of control after suffering some intense bodily damage.

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(Graphic Video) Whoa! Couple Caught Having Sex WHERE?!?!


Chicago’s Eisenhower expressway played host to a couple’s raunchy drive through town. The couple was caught on camera having sex while driving. The video –hilarious– allows viewers to listen to the reaction of the women behind the camera discussing ways to remain incognito. But, despite the attempts, they don’t. Not too long after, the guy puts his hands up. Check out the video after the jump.

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(Video) Caught On Tape: This Guy Is Having The Worst Day!!!


There are def omens out there, but this guy should take heed and keep his a** in the bed for a little while, or at least away from parking lots and cars!

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(Warning*18+*Video) PLEASE Don’t Do Drugs!! Naked Man Thinks His Crotch Is On Fire!!!


Homie is on another plane, and it’s not one anyone else wants to be on! I’m not sure if this is Molly, bath salts, or that good ol’ wet wet.

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