(Video) Miley Cyrus Dancing Funny And Grinding In The Club!!


Not like a ‘VMA performance with Robin Thicke’ type grind, but she def had her ‘self’ up against someone.

(Caught on Tape) NFL: Yikes! Security Guard Shoves Fan Down Steps at Cowboys/Redskins Game

IFWT_Security shove 4

Damn, it got crazy at the Cowboys/Redskins game?!  We don’t have a lot of details on how it started or why, but the video says a lot (although some think the kid flopped).  Someone caught a security guard shoving a Redskins fan down steps at the stadium.  Once the kid takes a tumble, you see other fans get really upset.  I’m sure more details will eventually come out and someone might lose their job. Check it out…

(Video) Caught On Tape: A 2 Headed Camel After Birth

IFWT_2 headed camel

Is this a freak of nature or a miracle?! Unfortunately this camel will most likely have a hard life, either treated like a circus attraction, or put to death.

(Caught On Tape) Man Robs Mini-Market With A GOLD AK-47!!!


Someone took Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything” a little too literal. Last Saturday in West Philly, two men entered a small store. One began to rush the register as the other regulated with a gold AK-47. All on tape, you can even see them flee on foot. Don’t believe me? Just watch.

(Video) Caught On Tape: 2 Elderly Women Get Into A Fist Fight


This is something you don’t see everyday, 2 woman of a ‘certain age’ actually wanting to cause physical harm to each other.

(Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Bear Kills Man During Training

IFWT_Bear Attack

Can we do something, something that can stop animal cruelty and save lives, Leave wild animals the F**k ALONE?!?

(Video) Caught On Tape: Armed Robber Get Tackled On Bus By Passengers

NJ Transit Bus

Before trying to put a gun in people’s faces on public transportation, remember 9/11 changed the way people think!

(Video) Clouds Of Smoke Follow Justin Bieber Getting Out Of Van

Justin Bieber

This kid has def been on a bad boy tear, and now a days Justin getting out of a van with…not even clouds, but billows of smoke to follow is not unusual. Check it out anyway!

(Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Man Bangs With Police And Gets Shot


This is the epitome of idiocy, 1st he decides to take on a traffic stop, but instead of just taking off, the dummy tries a 3 point turn in front of the cops, THEN, he gets pinned in when the catch up, and once again Dummy in action, jumps out shooting while pinned in so he gets shot.

(Video) Umm, What? Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Caught On Camera Busting A Few Crazy Dance Moves!


LOL, what is wrong with this guy!? It feels like every other week, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is in the news for doing something SUPER crazy. The crack-smoking politician was caught getting his groove on in front of a predominately Black West Toronto church. A member of the congregation posted a picture of Ford and himself with a caption that reads, “Man smells like ganja.” Welp, that explains the wild dance moves that he was showing off for the crowd! Check out the bizarre video below.

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