(Graphic*18+*Video) Caught On Tape: The 6 Train Is BACK…Chick Giving Top!!!


I haven’t taken the train regular in a while, and never really the 6, but maybe I should you know.

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(VIDEO) NFL: More Trouble For Richie Incognito – Caught Dropping N-Word During Shirtless Bar Rage

Bengals Dolphins Football

Looks like we have another Riley Cooper situation on our hands?!  Can’t say I’m surprised from what we learned earlier today.  I don’t know why these guys think this is ok. SMH. It just keeps getting worse for this guy.  A video has now surfaced of Richie Incognito dropping the n-bomb.  Check it out & let us know what you think…

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Caught on Tape: Footage of Chaos Erupting At LAX Shooting


As the guy on the tape behind the camera says, “This is crazy dog”. TMZ got hteir hands on the footage from the guy, whom didn’t seem to have a handle on the levity of the situation, telling people to chill as hey were running to get the F*** out of there.

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(Video) LMFAO! Struggle Rapper Hi-Jacks Reporters Microphone To Spit A Few Bars On Live TV


Ever have that one friend who SWEARS they spit the hottest bars of all time but in all reality they are pure garbage and have absolutely ZERO rapping skills? Well, that would most likely be this guy. While a KNBC Los Angeles reporter by the name of Chris Pecker (that’s his name, don’t laugh) was doing his live broadcast, a struggle emcee straight up stole his microphone and started rapping via live television! However, HE SUCKED!!!!! Check out the hilarious video below.

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(Video) Ratchet Alert: Wild Hoodrat With “Boss” Chest Tattoo Attacks News Crew With Pepper Spray!


A news team was doing a report on a home evasion in Washington, D.C. when they were viciously attacked by a hoodrat with a “BOSS” tattoo across her chest, a grill in her mouth, and cheetah tats all over her arm (real classy chick we’re dealing with here). She came out of her apartment cursing and yelling “Byeeee Byeeee Byeee” while pepper spraying the reporters. Check out the footage of the craziness below.

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Caught On Tape: Bath Salts Strikes Again?! Man Bugs Out In Burger Spot!!!


We at IFWT post these posts because these videos are the utmost of why you have to say NO to drugs!!

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(Video) Guess Which Prideful Star Was Paid $1 Million To Sing ‘Go Go Power Rangers’ Theme Song?!

simon cowell tells paparazzi off

X-Factor judge Simon Cowell was paid $1 million because that’s how much it took to get him to sing the “Power Rangers” theme song … in front of a giant crowd of rich people! TMZ claims, “Simon was attending a fundraiser for Friends of the Israel Defense Forces in Beverly Hills last night, and billionaire “Power Rangers” creator Haim Saban offered to donate $1 million if Simon sang the show’s theme song.” And Simon actually did it. See the video after the jump to see what happens!

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(VIDEOS) NFL: Damn!! Man Caught Punching Woman In The Face After Jets Game!

IFWT_Jets fan punches woman  2

Really?!  This is what’s happening out there?!  C’mon b!  There’s never a reason for violence at a sporting event, but for a man to punch a woman in the face is just unacceptable!! SMH.
Video & details after the jump…

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(Graphic*Video) Man Accidentally Shoots Wife While Arguing With Ex-Wife’s Husband


So this is the type of thing that happens when you let your current boo mix words with your ex boo, which should not happen when a child is involved, but that’s what happened!

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(Video) Caught On Tape: Woman Kidnapped In Broad Daylight By Another Woman?!

IFWT_Woman Kidnapped in daylight

As I was looking for more video on the Miss Bum Bum competition, I ran across this video that happened this week in Brazil. A woman walking down the street some where in Brazil was just snatched of the street by another woman.

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