(Photos) #WhatsTweef: Tyrese Gets Into Heated Twitter Beef After Getting Called Out Online


Twitter seems to be the breaking point for many celebs when someone calls them out on their mistakes. And for Tyrese, this myth proves itself correct. The “Fast & Furious” star tweeted out back on September 3rd, 2012, “If you want to keep your woman, you gotta treat her like a pearl on the neckless of life.” Popular tweeter @YolieTheJew randomly brought up the fact that even though it’s been 3 years, his spelling error is still comical. She tweeted, “I don’t know why I thought of this, but remember when Tyrese spelled “necklace,” “neckless?” Yolie is known to crack on everybody all day so it was no biggie to those who follow her. However, Tyrese got into full defense mode and started going ham, leading Yolie to continue messing with him. In fact, the whole ordeal turned into quite the Twitter war. He hit her with, “@YolieTheJew who continues to create fake Tyrese tweets all day – the only 1 who can fit my d*ck and balls and both of my legs in his mouth.” WOAHHHH, BUDDY! Check out the [hilarious] back and forth timeline drama in the gallery!

Lighten up, Ty– It’s just Twitter!

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(Photos) Remember That Comment Ariana Grande’s Dad Left On Sean’s Page? It Was A Fake!

Ariana Grande and her dad

Last week, Big Sean posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “I give her that D.. #Detroit,” to which a page appearing to be Ariana Grande’s dad humorously responded with, “That D. better be Detroit Sean.” It was obviously all in good fun, though once reports broke today that the pair have split and have been broken up for weeks now, it kind of didn’t make sense with the timing. Turns out – it’s because it wasn’t really him!

Taking to Twitter over the weekend, her father revealed that the Instagram page is a fake, while Ariana’s publicist confirmed it to E! News.

Meanwhile, it appears that the writing was on the wall Twitter with the breakup, as Sean tweeted on April 4, “Just know I love u and I care for ya,” to which Ariana responded the next day with, “love u babes.” Are you sad to see this pair bite the dust?

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(Photos) Iggy Azalea Rejoins Twitter to Drop Knowledge on Songwriting Credits

Iggy Rejoins Twitter, Talks Songwriting Credits

Welp…she’s back! Iggy Azalea Rejoins Twitter to Drop Knowledge on Songwriting Credits and teach all the regular folk out there about behind the scenes. Briefly explaining how credits and studio sessions work, harping back on the “Fancy” ghostwriter situation and even shedding some light on the upcoming album—looks like her words were appreciated and the fan base is still intact! #KeepItMoving

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Lil Wayne’s Young Money Artist Comes For Young Thug


Sheesh … beef to the extreme. A battle between Lil Wayne and Birdman had transferred over to Lil Wayne and Young Thug, and now, Young Thug and Young Money artist Flow. After his bold attempt to name his upcoming mixtape Carter 6, which was quickly shut down, Thugger took an even bigger jab when he announced, “First show…New Orleans – Hollygrove. F*ck n*gga…” With a heated match getting hotter, Flow decides to step in and take the side of Wayne, of course.

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(Video) Officer Charged For Using Gun Instead of Taser #EricHarris

Deputy Charged for 'Accidental' Death of Eric Harris

The volunteer* Deputy policeman in Tulsa, Oklahoma who was given a controversial firearm has officially been charged. The Officer Charged For Using Gun Instead of Taser faces a verdict in what authorities call the “accidental” death of Eric Courtney Harris, in which a fatal handgun shot to the back was let off during an undercover sting that went real wrong, real quick (SMH).

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(Video) A$AP Rocky Goes Shopping With Complex; Apologizes For His Comment About Virgil Abloh

A$AP Rocky

Complex usually goes sneaker shopping with some of our favorite celebs, but this time they switched things up a bit and hit a clothing store with their fashion-forward cover star, A$AP Rocky.

With Complex’s Joe La Puma, Pretty Flacko hit Los Angeles-based boutique Maxfield for some retail therapy, and the pair discuss why the rapper likes getting fly, the labels he likes and doesn’t like and more.

At one point in the video, Rocky’s asked about Virgil Abloh’s Off-White brand, which he responds to by saying he has nothing to say about it…but apparently, his shady response was the editor’s fault.

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(Photos) WELP: Toya Wright’s Brother Rudy Threatens To Expose Her Entire Life!

toya wright tired of being called lil wayne's baby momma

Looks like Toya Wright and her brother Rudy need to hit up Family Feud because they’re currently in an all-out WAR with one another! Toya’s brother took to his Instagram page where he posted a picture of her with a caption that reads, “I LOVE HER BUT I CANT STAND HER!!! I GET IT I GET IT. #FAKEITTOYOUMAKEIT IM TO REAL!!!” He then went on to say via his Twitter page that he plans on exposing all of her deepest and darkest secrets to the world. Although we’re not sure how this fight ensued, he did take it as far as claiming she lets her daughter smoke weed, dubbing her as an unfit parent.

The two went back and forth for awhile on Twitter, leaving random internet trolls the opportunity to share their two cents about Lil Wayne’s baby mama. LAWD, this is messy! Peep the full interaction over in the gallery.

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(Video) Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears Share New Video…and a Kiss

Iggy, Britney New Video + Kiss?

Hip Hop getting in on the action: Looks like we’ve come full circle on white-female-celebrity-lip-locks from Madonna and “it’s Britney B*tch” to Australia’s own. Keeping the candles of her career on blaze now Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears Share New Video…and a Kiss!

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Interesting! Guess Which Female Singer’s New Video Kanye Just Co-Signed…


Kanye West rarely ever tweets…I mean, the guy has only 176 posts since he started his page almost 5 years ago in July of 2010…but yesterday, he decided to make one of those 176 tweets about Tinashe! Random!

Though the pair have pretty much NO affiliation, Yeezy took to Twitter last night to share a link to Tinashe’s new video “All Hands On Deck,” writing, “I really like this vid…”

This will certainly bring more attention to the singer, who will soon be embarking on Nicki Minaj’s Pinkprint tour as an opening act alongside Meek Mill, DeJ Loaf and Rae Sremmurd.

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UPDATE: Oh Gawd! Big Sean Tweets-and-Deletes His Anger Toward Bieber After He Feels Up Ariana Grande On Stage

Ariana Grande x Justin Bieber

UPDATE: TMZ was being MESSY, and had posted a tweet from Sean that they saw floating around the web…not from his actual page. Therefore, it ended up being a fake. I’m sure he’s still not too pleased with Justin’s actions, though!
Oh gawd, someone’s pissed! Last night, Ariana Grande had a show at the Forum in Los Angeles, and brought out her boy Justin Bieber for a surprise performance of “As Long As You Love Me.” The Biebs got a bit too hands-on with Ariana, as he called her over at the end of show, tells her to stand in front of him, and throws his arms around her. Ari wasn’t really with it and quickly left the embrace, but her boyfriend Big Sean definitely caught wind of it…and definitely wasn’t with it.

After reportedly tweeting, “Wow,” Sean followed up with, “This kid is about to learn not to touch my girl like that. Beliebe that.” Both tweets have since been deleted.

TMZ reports Sean was in the crowd watching, but I believe he’s in Canada on his Dark Sky Paradise tour.

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