Detroit Man Robs Armored Truck For More Than $500K

A detroit man may have just hit the jackpot after robbing a loomis armored truck in Greektown, Detroit for over $500,000. Now the small town is suspicious of how it all went down. Read more to find out the full story.

Jenner Car Crash Lawsuit Victim’s Family Says $500K Is Not Enough

Yesterday the footage of the fatal car crash that involved Caitlyn Jenner and claimed the life of mother and family friend Kim Howe. Today reports state that the family of the victim have filed documents stating that $500K is not enough to cover the damages. Read more below.

Drake’s New Mixtape Expected To Sell 500K 1st Weekend!!

Drake followed behind Beyoncé and surprised the world with his mixtape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” on iTunes out of no where! Read more after the jump…

(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Drops $500K on Some New Jewelry

Life is good for the champ! Fresh off his last win Floyd Mayweather was spotted in NYC dropping $500k on some new bling.  I mean, why not?!  He’s Money! Check it out…

NFL: Peyton Manning Donating $500K

What a guy that Peyton!  I always love to share positive stories when I come across them.  Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and his wife plan to donate $500,000 to the Pat Summitt Foundation.  Details after the jump…

Australian Radio Station Behind Prank Donates $500 THOUSAND To Nurse’s Family

In the wake of a UK nurse’s suicide following a prank call from their radio station, Australia’s 2Day FM has announced they will be donating ALL of their ad money for the rest of the year to a fund that was established to support Jacintha Saldanha’s two children and husband. I know that the end of the year is only 3 weeks away, but 2day estimates the profits to come in around the $500k mark. This is an interesting move, considering it’s almost an admission of guilt. Though they’ve expressed extreme remorse since the incident and the DJs have resigned, they still maintain their innocence in the sense that the suicide was something they could have never foreseen. What do you make of their donation? Marisa Mendez

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