Shots Fired: Donald Trump vs. Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio vs. Ted Cruz

No surprise here…just inevitable. The GOP Debate last night was a fiery one while majority of the republican candidates all took shots at each other. Hit the jump to see just what allegations were made. Who’s the winner?

R.Kelly Defends Himself From Past Accusations Of Sex Crimes

R.Kelly…You either love him or you hate him. You can either look beyond his history of alleged sex crimes and enjoy his music or you can’t…This seems to be the overall picture gathered from Kelly’s latest interview with New York Magazine. R.Kelly sat down with the mag during one of his listening sessions discuss the album he has on the way. His thirteen studio album titled, The Buffet, is slated to drop December 11th. During the discussion, Kelly revealed that he’s very in tune to the criticism and controversy that surrounds him and talks how he thinks it effects his music.

Bill Cosby Afraid That A 2006 Settlement Doesn’t Come To The Light

Oh man. Bill Cosby continues to sink himself in deeper waters. The 77-year-old actor and comedian has been the center of criminal attention with accusations of sexual assault floating in the air; a very publicized one coming from model Janice Dickinson. While he finally made an attempt to clear his name, it does not appear to be working. Now, Cosby would like to block a subpoena in a confidential 2006 sexual assault settlement of a Philadelphia sexual assault lawsuit. Hit the jump for more.

New Bill Cosby Accuser Goes Into Troubling Detail Of Alleged Incidents!

With Cosby still under fire from recent allegations, more accusations pile on as a new accuser has come forward Sunday claiming that she was raped twice by Bill Cosby while working with the well respected comedian in 1996. These new allegations are being made by publicist Joan Tarshis in a story posted Sunday on the Hollywood Elsewhere web site. Hit the jump to read the shocking details of the alleged sexual assault which even suspects Cosby of using drugs to take advantage of her.

(Photo of Child) NFL: Another One?! Adrian Peterson Facing More Accusations; More Texts Revealed

Yikes.  Adrian Peterson is now being accused in a separate incident of abusing another son who is 4-years-old (picture has been released).  Hit the jump for the report…

Woody Allen Rep Speaks Out Against Sexual Abuse Accusation From Adopted Daughter

After accusations of sexual abuse were relived through, Dylan Farrow, Woody Allen’s adopted Daughter with Mia Farrow, through an open letter, Allen’s reps have responded in a swift message. Hit the jump for more details.

Big Sean Had THIS To Say To Those Who Think He’s Not Around Detroit Hoods

Successful rappers are always being questioned if they’re really from the place they say they are. Now, Big Sean is being questioned about his hometown Detroit, and he said what to the naysayers?

NBA: Wait, There’s More?! Adrienne Bosh Linked To More Athletes & More Accusations!

Damn, there’s still more?! Just when you thought the Wayne/Bosh drama was dying down. I feel so bad for Adrienne. Her past is really coming back to haunt her. First Lil Wayne, then Cam’ron put her on blast then Floyd Mayweather and now this. She’s being linked to a couple more athletes and some other crazy personal accusations have come out. Yikes. Report after the jump…

Woman Accuses Son Of Police Commissioner And ‘Good Day New York’ Co-Host Of Raping Her

“Good Day New York” co-host Greg Kelly, son of Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly was a no-show on the program after reports that a woman had accused him of rape. You know like I know their lawyers are ready to go! Press releases should be out soon. Click below to find out more. @WiLMajor

Syracuse University Basketball Coach Bernie Fine’s Home Searched By Cops After Child Molestation Allegations!!

Police carried out a search at the home of Syracuse University’s assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine on Friday after two men have accused Fine of molesting them more than 25 years ago. Although the allegations against Fine aren’t as extreme as the ones against Sandusky…this is still a sick situation. Read more after the jump!! Wendy L. x Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

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