#MusicStillMatters New Music: E-40 Ft. AD – On One

E-40 is without a doubt one of the most consistent artists in the Hip Hop game. The Bay Area rapper is set to drop his next project next month. The D-Boy Diary Books 1 & 2 will be a double album consisting of 42 songs altogether. Today E-40 pleases fans with the release of “On One” off the forthcoming album.

(Video) Danny DeVito In Bernie Sanders’ Latest Ad

With the California primary right around the corner, Bernie Sanders releases his latest ad featuring one of his Hollywood advocates, Danny DeVito.

(Video) A Spike Lee Joint: Wake Up! Bernie Sanders’ Newest Video

Looks like the 30 second ad that Spike Lee and Bernie Sanders put out last week was just the tip of the iceberg. Coming off of a popular visit to Pope Francis, Bernie Sanders releases a short film (5 minutes) directed by none other than Spike Lee.

(Video+Photos) Victoria’s Secret Models Show Their Sporty Side In New Super Bowl Inspired Valentines Day Ad

Apparently Victoria’s Secret models look good even when they’re getting down and dirty. The angles strapped up in their fitted football gear in a match for the gawds–Angels v. Devils. Leading lady Adriana Lima was highlighted as the team’s quarterback in the ad, with a special cameo from sports journalist Erin Andrews as the coach. See the video after the jump!

(Photos) NBA: Nike Creates LeBron James Ad, People Think It’s Full of Excuses & Create a Parody!

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals but the apparel company says LeBron James’ drive and leadership inspired this Nike salute.  The ad looks back on James big move coming back home to Cleveland, fighting through the season and then the Finals, shocking everyone although he ultimately fell short of the final goal.  The ad however rubbed people the wrong way as they felt it made excuses for the King who failed to reclaim his throne.  In fact, someone used Nike’s format and created an ad debunking all of Nike’s claims about LeBron and writing what they thought was the truth.

(Video) Diddy Releases Raunchy Fragrance Ad Featuring Cassie.. & They’re Practically Banging On Camera!

Diddy has been the king of controversy ever since word broke that his TV ad for his new fragrance line called 3 AM by Sean John is just WAY too hot for TV. In fact, the ad is so raunchy that even the big wigs up at Macy’s found it to be just too explicit. After seeing the full thing, I do NOT even blame them! In the commercial, Diddy features his drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend Cassie and the two basically simulate tons of sexual actions on camera. She’s straddling him with her pierced nips out, he gets on top and goes to work and so on. It’s a SUPER sexy commercial, nonetheless. Like… really sexy. However, I cannot see this being played on TV with your grandma watching unless she’s into that sort of thing. Diddy is brilliant though because this entire controversy is the ultimate promo stunt. The fragrance, which is being released on Wednesday May 6th, has so much buzz around it simply off the fact that everyone keeps talking about how sexually-charged and inappropriate the ad is. With that being said, who WOULDN’T want to 1) watch the commercial and 2) see what this stuff smells like. Hey, maybe if they smell like Diddy, they can start bagging girls who look like Cassie. It’s all very brilliant. Take a look at the full ad below and let us know what you think.

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