Looks like the 30 second ad that Spike Lee and Bernie Sanders put out last week was just the tip of the iceberg. Coming off of a popular visit to Pope Francis, Bernie Sanders releases a short film (5 minutes) directed by none other than Spike Lee.

Dilson Hernandez: Facebook | Instagram

The 30 second ad covered mostly the oppression of people of color and the hope that Senator Sanders’ gives to unite us all. This time though, they aim for more general topics. The celebrities talking in the video mention many things wrong with this country, from the educational system to the prison system. What was also different about this video was the amount of people featured in the film. The same faces from the last video made an appearance and were now joined by people like Cornel West, Tessa Thompson, and active Bernie supporters Susan Sarandon and Rosario Dawson.

The New York Primary takes place this Tuesday, April 19. As Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton square off and try to take a very important State. This primary could possibly tell us who’s going to win the nomination. These past few weeks they’ve been trying their best to reach out to as many voters in New York as possible. I’ll tell you what though, Bernie sure knows how to reach out to the young people, especially the ones here in New York.

Take a look below.