Guess who decided to spark some nostalgia for her fans by doing the unexpected….Mariah Carey brings back her alter-ego…Bianca.
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Alexandra McLeod Instagram|Twitter

Mariah Carey seems to be having a bit of extra fun lately. Besides being in the middle of a world tour, Miss Carey has been preoccupied with her being creative with her self-image.

Carey played her hit song ‘Heartbreaker’ back in 1999 which consisted of another feature, her alter-ego ‘Bianca’. Well, the respectable Diva decided to unleash a side many have not seen before. Which was rather interesting.

What do you think about ‘Bianca’ look, did she kill it or should she have left that look back in 1999 with the rest of her alter-ego? Hmm…well, we can all agree that she still looks great, even after two kids. #MorePowerToYou

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