(Video) LOL! Plane Forced To Make Emergency Landing Because Woman Won’t Stop Singing

A recent flight from LA to NY was forced to make an emergency stop in Kansas City, after a woman on board would not stop singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” Upon landing, she was escorted off the plane by police, and sang the entire way off the plane as well.

FCC Wants To Make Flights More High-Speed

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to improve Wi-Fi service on airplanes by establishing a new mobile broadband network. The Commission wants to use satellite spectrum to communicate with airplanes which would then improve internet service in the sky.

Gross, Macklemore’s Done WHAT On An Airplane?!

Macklemore may not be a member of the Mile High Club when it comes to having another person involved, but if sex with yourself counts…then count him in! While walking through LAX yesterday, the “Thrift Shop” rapper admitted to paparazzi he’s definitely rubbed one out while in an airplane bathroom before. LMAO! Watch the funny clip below.

(Video) FAA Not Happy With Airplane Harlem Shake Video

The FAA has begun to investigate into some “Harlem Shake” videos that occurred on an airplane. There have been a few versions of the dance crazy taken place on a plane, but the FAA has just caught wind of it and they are NOT happy. The Federal Aviation Administration is particularly interested in one organized by a group of college kids who are on an ultimate freebie team. Many people have spoke out against airplane versions of the dance craze saying it is unsafe and a danger to passengers. According to the investigation thus far, they cannot seem to find anything wrong with what the students and passengers did since there was no turbulence and the seat belt sign was off. According to the FAA, the “Harlem Shake” videos could be used by terrorists to distract people and set their plan in motion. Watch more below.

FCC Closer To Aircraft Internet-Access Approval

The fight over internet access on aircrafts is about 20 years old now, and still no solution. There has yet to be proof of an aircraft crash resulting from cellular signal interference, or similar issues. A change like this needs to be signed off and approved on a government level just to see a little change in process. It’s not something that will just happen over night, but the FCC just sped the process up a lot! Tat Wza

(Photo) Aww! Big Sean & His Mom Toast To Life On The Plane

They almost didn’t make it, but finally Big Sean, his mom and his team were able to get on their way to Nigeria. The crew was back home in Detroit for the holidays, and some snowy weather almost prevented their flight from getting off the ground earlier today. Fortunately, though all their bags didn’t make the trip, they did, so his fans will still get the show they’re waiting for. “I’m trying everything I can to get there,” Sean promised amidst the troubles. Clearly he kept true to his word! “After all the f#ckery… Me my momma, @djmobeatz made it! All our bags wont make it, champagne on a air plane!” Cheers! Marisa Mendez

(Photo) Marilyn Manson Gets Into Altercation On A Flight!

Heavy metal front man Marilyn Manson got into an altercation this week on a flight. Mason was the victim in the situation receiving 24 stitches after someone hit him with a glass table! Ouch! Click below to see photo. Eloisa Melo

FAA May Allow Electronics During Take Off & Landing

Well its been 20 years now that we still can’t prove if electronics effect the take off and landing of a flight. What has been a cautious topic, can now be suppressed with a ton of tests and data that prove otherwise. The chairman of the FCC has reached out to the head of the FAA regarding the issue. Definitely agree with how he feels, what you think? Hit the jump… Tat Wza

(Video) Victor Cruz Catches Pass From A Plane

Now if he will only learn to catch more consistently from Eli Manning!!! Victor Cruz this week made this video of him catching a pass dropped from a plane flying above as a promotional video to help fans vote for him for the pro bowl. Cruz, who has made a lot of big plays this year for the Giants, has also dropped quite a few passes. I’ll be a happy fan if he concentrates on game passes, instead of plane passes, although this video is somewhat cool because you have to figure by the time he catches the ball, it has to be traveling well over 100mph. Check the video after the jump. IamJOE357

Ann Romney’s Plane Catches Fire!

Scary! While flying to LA, Ann Romney’s airplane caught fire forcing an emergency landing. Everyone on the flight is believed to be doing great. Click below for more info. Eloisa Melo

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