(Caught On Tape) Bride To Be Throws Down While On Plane Heading To Her Bachelorette Party!!!

While en route from England to Spain, a bride and her ‘maid’ were caught on camera throwing more than a bouquet. As soon as the drama grew, one man decided to catch it on tape. Check it out after the jump.

(Photos) Justin Bieber Got A Tattoo Where?!

Justin Bieber decided to add new ink to his body 5 days after his arrest in Miami. Guess Bieber was feeling like a G and decieded to get tattooed somewhere pretty on the high end.

(Video) Fingerprints Of All Those Aboard Missing Malaysian Flight 370 Being Investigated By FBI

Just a few days ago, Malaysian flight 370 went missing with a total of 239 passengers on board. As of now, there has yet to be any sign of the missing aircraft, leaving everyone completely puzzled. Officials have discovered that two of the passengers boarded the airline with stolen passports, although no sign of distress or terorristic acts have come up thus far. However, fingerprints of all those who boarded the plane were taken at the airport and are currently being investigated by the FBI. Take a look at the latest news report below.

(Video) NBA: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Spoofs His Role in “Airplane!” For Tourism Spot

A good way to attract tourism?! I’m not headed to Wisconsin anytime soon, but it is a fun ad. Jerry Zucker and David Zucker are back and this time they’ve brought Airplane!’s comedic duo of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Ted Striker. Get a peek inside the cockpit while they cruise over Wisconsin and admire a sample of what our summers have to offer.

Before His DUI Arrest, Chris Kattan Nearly Freaked-Out On Airplane

Chris Kattan was off of his meds! The comedian was arrested earlier this week for DUI, after driving into a closed-off section of the 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley. Details have emerged of what Kattan was doing in the hours leading up to his arrest – on an airplane, talking to himself. WIERD! Hit the jump for more.

Caught On Tape: Woman Goes BUCK WILD On A Flight To Tampa!

While aboard a flight to Tampa, Florida, a woman was caught on tape throwing a b*tch fit for no apparent reason. Hit the jump and check it out!

(Video) Soulja Boy Got Kicked Of The Plane Because Of WHAT?!

So Soulja was kicked off a plane for not seating…Apparently a statement was issued and a reason was given? Hit the Jump, see if you can make Heads or tails out of it.

(Photos) Small Plane Crashes Into House!!

81-year-old Gerald H. Clayton of Columbus, Indiana crashed his homemade airplane shortly after takeoff into the home of Hiroko Nakao. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. Hit the jump for pics of the fiery scene.

(Video)Wait A Minute: United Airlines Forgets WHAT On 10 Hour Flight To London???

No number 2’s on this flight. A United Airlines flight took off from San Francisco this week heading to London but forgot one important amenity TOILET PAPER lol. Apparently the United Airlines crew forgot to stock the plane with toilet paper and gave passengers napkins to wipe with smh. Flights are already expensive as it is the least they can have is toliet paper bruh. The airline did aplogize for the inconvenience and stated that if they had stopped to stock the flight with toilet paper the flight would of been delayed. Man someone getting fired this week for this. Check out the video of this report.

We’re Going To Be Able To Do WHAT On An Airplane?!

Are we FINALLY going to have the ability to use our phones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets during takeoff and landing of our flights?! Hit the jump to find out…

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