Apple Is Now Considering Taking Legal Action Over Trump’s Immigration Ban

Apple CEO Tim Cook says they are now contemplating taking legal action against Donald Trump. Cook says the ban is also affecting many Apple employees. He says “we want to be constructive and productive” when it comes to approaching this situation.

Trump Fires Acting Attorney General After She Refuses To Support Travel Ban

Donald Trump has now fired Atty. Gen. Sally Yates after she refused to back his order banning refugees and travelers from certain countries. Trump has even went as far as accusing her of betraying the Department of Justice.

(Photo) Barack Obama Speaks Out In Support Of Protesting

Just 10 days after leaving the White House, Barack Obama has expressed how he feels about the Muslim ban President Trump has put upon us. So much has changed in just a few days its crazy.

Government Now Approves Smoking Ban Inside Public Housing

The government has just now decided to rule on banning smoking in public housing nationwide. Agencies now have a year and a half to get this going though the ban wont take place until next year. There are currently 200,000 homes which are already currently living under the ban. 178,000 apartments, with over 400,000 residents, owned by the New York City Housing Authority are to be affected.

Find Out Why This Radio Station Just Banned Kanye!

Kanye Went’s last rant went down at his Saint Pablo stop in Sacramento over the weekend, where he arrived an hour late, played only three songs (one of which was the same one two times,) and cut the show after that. Needless to say, ticketholders weren’t pleased with their waste of both time and money, and now a local radio station is taking a stand.

(Photo) Writer Gets Banned For Life From Twitter For Making Fun Of Leslie Jones

Tech editor for the conservative news site Breitbart, Milo Yiannopoulos, has been permanently banned from Twitter after he is reportedly the person to start the heartless and disturbing tweets about Leslie Jones. He and Leslie went back and forth over a comment he made about her and her role in the new movie ‘Ghostbusters.’ Leslie was very taken back and hurt at a lot of the comments she was receiving on Twitter.

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