(Video) A Homeless Woman Robs A Bank Just To Go Back To Prison

Linda Patricia Thompson figured robbing a bank and going to prison is by far better than being homeless. Cheyenne, Wyoming police responded to a bank robbery call. Upon arrival they found Thompson sitting on the curb waiting to be arrested.

(Photos) WOW: Boosie Loses 469K From Bank!

Losing money is no joke, especially when it’s some serious big bucks. Boosie went on a rant on Instagram sharing how livid he is with his bank.

A Father Attempts To Rob A Credit Union To Pay For Young Daughter’s Chemo Treatments

This is so sad! Earlier this month a Michigan man was arrested after attempting to rob a credit union to pay for his young daughters chemo treatments. Read more below.

(Video) WTF! Man Robs A Bank…In His Wheelchair

Just when you think you’ve seen in all, there’s always something that comes along and proves you wrong. Police are looking for a man who robbed a bank in Queens from his wheelchair.

R. Kelly Owes $2.9 Million To The Bank For Loan Taken Out On Home!

It’s your boy Kelz again, in some hot water, AGAIN. The longtime musician has not had enough bad things happen in his life to the point where he’d figure that he would get his s**t in order. Or maybe, he just doesn’t give a damn. This time, a debt to the tune of $2.9 million might straighten him up. Details after the jump.

A Man Wearing A Construction Worker Costume Robs A Bank On Halloween!

A man wearing a hard hat, reflective vest, white gloves and a mask robbed a bank on Halloween. Read more on the crazy story below!

(VIDEO) NBA: Basketball Stars KD And James Harden Star In New BBVA Commercial!

The OKC duo, Kevin Durant and James Harden, paired up with BBVA, the NBA’s official banking partner, for its newly released commercial. The shoot took place in Spain this past summer, on the rooftop of the bank! Hit the jump for the dope new commercial…

Over $35,000 Is Missing From The Bank Accounts Of Malaysia Flight MH 370 Passengers!

Almost $35,000 is believed to have been stolen from bank accounts of the Malaysia flight MH 370 passengers. Read more on the story below!

Bank Accidentally Deposits $31K Into A Teens Account!

A young Georgia teen named Steven Fields, 18, is charged with theft after he spends $31,000 of someone else’s money that was accidentally deposited in his account. Read more on the story after the jump!

Talk About Work…This Guy Was Caught With 100+ Pounds Of Weed In His SUV

Devin Peterson and three of his comrades were drug trafficking in Nevada when the driver ran a stop sign and got pulled over. State trooper, Chuck Allen found 109 lbs worth of that Mary Jane in the SUV. Peterson stole the troopers cruiser and then shot and killed himself with the officers gun. The trees were worth $500,000 on the streets. Talk about BANK. Other suspects were Manuel Rodriguez and get this, MOLLIE Bass and CHRISTIAN Magliano. Funny! Drop down bottom for more.

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