Linda Patricia Thompson figured robbing a bank and going to prison is by far better than being homeless. Cheyenne, Wyoming police responded to a bank robbery call. Upon arrival they found Thompson sitting on the curb waiting to be arrested.

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When Lt. Nathan Busek asked Thompson what was going on, she responded,

“I just robbed the bank. I want to go back to prison,”

Upon being released from the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, Thomson wanted to go back. She walked into a U.S. bank branch and gave the teller a cardboard sign that read,

“I have a gun. Give me all your money.”

The teller, probably scared out of her mind, handed Thompson thousands of dollars. Thompson walked out of the bank, threw some of the money in the air and even handed some to complete strangers. She told police she wanted to go back to prison basically because being homeless was hard and she could not find any where to stay.

Source: DailyNews