(Video) SHEESH: Man Beats Up His Wife And Her Side Dude

This man was not playing any games! He walked in on his wife and side dude and went NUTS. He held no punches..Literally!

(Video) Inmate Who Beat Up South Carolina Shooter Now Speaks Out

The inmate who beat up Dylan Roof is now speaking out. We all remember Roof as the man who shot up the church in South Carolina killing many.

(Video) SMH: Woman Gets Beat Up While Laying In Bed Next To Her Baby!

This is wrong on so many levels…and there’s people watching/recording? Smh…

(Video) Another L: Dude Gets Beat Up By Homeless Man Again

What is he doing? You might ask…taking another L against a man living on the streets. I told you the first time….the homeless got survival tactics!!! Hit the jump for round 2.

(Video) MMA: Fighter Josh Neer Beats Up Guy That Was Heckling Him

This MMA fighter just scored one for the countless athletes who are harassed by fans who could never do what they do.  MMA fighter Josh Neer — who’s competed for UFC and Bellator — obliterated a local heckler at an Iowa gym dishing out ferocious head strikes and recorded the whole thing on video.

(PHOTO/VIDEO) NBA: LeBron’s Mom Boyfriend, Da Real Lambo, Threatening To Fly To NY To Beat Up…

Aww man!! We haven’t heard Da Real Lambo’s name in a while, but now that we have — it’s attached to some drama. In case you don’t know who he is — he’s LeBron James’ mom’s boyfriend. Welp, it looks like he’s got some ill feelings towards a NY radio DJ and he’s called him out on Instagram — even threatening to fly from Miami to NY to handle business. I wonder if LeBron will step in?! LOL, SMH. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Video) Caught On Dashcam: Man Gets Beat Up By Mickey Mouse & Sponge Bob After Car Accident

This is some funny sh**, in Russia, looks like some local cops were cruising along when their dash cam picked up a minor collision so the y slowed up behind to see what was gonna happen, and as the lead driver, that got hit from behind while trying to get in the middle lane, got out approached the 2nd vehicle, well that’s when it got nuts…

(Video) Westcoast Rapper Beef?! Dj Mustard & YG Clear UP Rumors!!!

So apparently Dj Mustard and YG did a club event in Cali, and a rapper, Mistah Fab, showed up in the Dj area and had some type of issue, If you don’t know or remember Mistah Fab, he was out since the early 2000’s, and has beefed with several rappers including Fabolous, but I can’t really remember a song from him(don’t be mad, just keeping it real).

NFL: WTH? Frank Gore Allegedly Sent Goons To Beat Up His Side Chick’s Pimp

Oh the problems that come with having a side chick.  SMH.  49ers RB Frank Gore is apparently caught up in some drama with his side chick, Jasmine.  He recently got engaged, but that’s not stopping him from allegedly sending some goons after his side piece’s pimp.  What?!  Yea — and the pimp is putting Gore on blast on Instagram.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Check it out…

Say What?! Find Out Who Was Responsible For Releasing Rihanna Beaten Up Photo!!

When the news came out, it was shocking to the world that Chris Brown brutally beat up then girlfriend Rihanna. When the picture was released, shock filled readers faces. The question remained, who was responsible for the leak of this official police document?

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