Tech Talk Rumors: iPhone 5 Going To BestBuy!!!!?

Depending on which of today’s Best Buy-related iPhone 5 reports you want to give the most credence to, the highly anticipated gadget could launch during the first week of October, or a bit later, on October 21st. @Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

Tech Talk Device: Tmobile Claims LG Gslate Is Faster Than iPad & Xoom!!!

 As reported by BGR, Tmobile is claiming they have THE Fastest Tablet available, and seemingly cheaper too! Tmobile says it’s coducted an independent study putting thr LG Gslate against the iPad and the Motorola Xoom ”The testing was conducted in two cities – New York and Seattle – across 30 locations and at least five repetitions with each device per location per market. The total sample size was 300 tests encompassing at least 70 percent of a market.” See The Full details after the Jump! Tat WZA

Tech Talk Device: Is This The Best Android Tablet Out???

According to Romanian start up company Evolio is Claiming, that their Android Tab the “Neura” is the Best Android Tab on the market, and they are going at the iPad 2, and think they will be able to bring them down! -_- Well I will say the video, although I don’t know what he’s saying, is interesting, especially since it has a usb port that holds a flash drive! Hit the Jump!! Tat WZA

Mac Miller – Put It On

After just releasing his “Best Day Ever” Mixtape a few weeks ago Mac Miller is gearing up to release a new EP on Itunes entilted “On & On & Beyond” in which this tune will be featured on. Take a listen after the jump. @DjRellyRell

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