(Video) Caught On Tape: Bikers Terrorize Police In The Streets Of NYC

I’ve grown up on the streets of NYC, and bikes have always been apart of being out there, but it seems as though lately it’s getting a lot more aggressive.

(Video) Bikers Speak Out On West Side Highway Road Rage Incident: “We’re The Victims”

After the incident occurred on the West Side Highway between a group of bikers and a man driving a Range Rover, there has been different speculations on who’s the victim and who’s at fault. Funk Flex had one of the bikers call up during his show to tell their side of the story, which was way different from how the media is portraying the situation. Fox 5 & Hot 97’s Lisa Evers also spoke with some of the motorcyclists involved. They don’t believe it’s right that they’re being looked at as the bad guys when the man driving the SUV was at fault, too. Check out the news report below and see what they had to say.

*Updated* Caught On Camera: Man Gets BRUTALLY Attacked After Hitting Bikers With SUV

So this made major news today. Yesterday on the West Side Highway in NYC, a pack of motorcyclists chased down a man named Alexian Lien after he hit a bunch of the bikers with his SUV. When the group of bikers caught up with the driver, they dragged him out of his car and beat the SH*T out of him while his wife and young child were subjected to watched. They reportedly slashed his face up with a knife and punched him over and over again. Check out the disturbing video footage after the jump caught by one of the biker’s helmet cameras! — UPDATED: Photos surfaced of the biker that got hit by the man’s Range Rover and it is NOT pretty. Check out the gruesome flick in the gallery.

Tech Talk Gadget: Check Out The High Flying Debut Of Google Glass!!!

Google made an epic intro of the possibilities with Google Glass this week. Check out the high flying intro and details when Google Glass is coming out after the jump. ShottaDru X TatWza

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