San Francisco Votes To Ban Public Nudity -Protesters Get Naked @ City Hall Meeting

San Francisco is known for having free spirit habits. Private nudity to some people in the area are ways to express themselves and their rights. On Tuesday there was a meeting to vote to ban public nudity. Half a doze protesters stood proud in the nude to make a point. Unfortunately that didn’t do too much for them considering that they were out voted 6-5. Starting Feb 1 the policy will stop nudists from having private parts open to the public almost everywhere expect for pre approved parades and street fairs. Biz Baby

If This Happens,What Will We Throw At Strippers?

Congress is wrestling with the idea of removing $1 bills from circulation and replacing it with dollar coins.  Supposedly, it could help taxpayers save a little more than $4 billion in the next 30 or so years.  Just think about what it would be like to always deal with coins as dollars instead of paper.  I personally don’t like the idea, even though I am an avid debit card user.  I just think about all of the change that I disregard now and can’t even imagine how many dollars I would disregard in the same manner.  Now seriously what will people be throwing at strippers, go go dancers, etc ? Coins? I highly doubt $5 bills will be floating around at these venues.  Tips for bartenders,waitresses, etc ? Would this change ruin many businesses? Steph B

Being Late To Airports On Her 777 Tour Is Going To Cost Rihanna How Much?!

The 777 tour might have seemed like a great idea but it seemed to unfoil right before our eyes thanks to the tweets and posts by the bloggers and journalists who were on board. The writers weren’t the only ones who have voiced their disappointment, now airports are hitting Rih with a pretty large bill because she was late! Rih already tried to apologize to the fans and media who were disappointed by her lack of presence on the Rihanna Plane, but her wallet will be paying airports for her late arrivals. Read more below. Julie A.

(Photos)Bill Clinton Parties In Bushwick

Bill Clinton and his wife shut down a hot spot in BK to throw a party! They celebrated Clinton’s birthday with several special guests, hit the jump. Steph B

True Blood Season 5, Episode 6 Recap (Spoiler Alert)!

The sixth episode in True Blood’s  fifth season aired today.  Hit the jump for some of the show’s highlights. Steph Bassanini

True Blood’s Cast Reveals Spoilers At Comic-Con 2012!

True Blood’s cast revealed some spoilers to their fans during Comic-Con 2012.  Season five is heating up and the stories are beginning to get crazy, so the cast got a chance to give some clues on to what might happen. Hit the jump! Steph Bassanini

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