NBA: Media is Wrong?! A Friend of LeBron’s Mom BF Da Real Lambo Sets The Record Straight on Relationship

Social media has had a ball with this whole “LeBron’s mom is dating a rapper” situation.  I know some of you could care less, but some of you really seem to care – so we’re here to help. Lol.  One of Da Real Lambo’s friends, Daniel Rose, is now speaking on his friend’s relationship with Gloria and there’s a few things that he wants you to know…

(PHOTOS) NBA: LeBron James’ Mom Has A New Boyfriend & He’s A Rapper

LeBron & Savannah have been posting photos from their vacation for the past few days (that’s when the pic of LeBron’s jacked up foot popped up), but there’s one thing some haven’t noticed…LeBron’s mom is on that vacation and she’s brought along her rapper boyfriend. Is this news?  Nahhh, but maybe now all the Delonte jokes can stop?!   So do you know who the rapper is?!  Uhhhhh, most likely not. He goes by the name of Da Real Lambo. Yea, go ‘head & have fun with this. Check it out…

LOL, Damn! Calvin Harris Reveals Girlfriend Rita Ora Hates His Music!

Rita Ora and Calvin Harris are quite the happy couple, but they don’t love everything about each other. In fact, Calvin recently revealed in an interview that his beau is not a fan of his music at all! “Rita doesn’t really like dance music,” Calvin told The Sun when asked if they’d ever collab. “She doesn’t really like my music, but I like hers. We’re not together for musical reasons, which is great. We’re trying to keep business and pleasure separate.” I think I have to agree! Since they’re both musicians, they can definitely relate to work, but this will help them keep it separate at home. I know I personally hate talking music after a long week of blogging about it all day! Do you think this dynamic is healthy for them?

(Photos) Britney Spears Steps Out To Church In A Form-Fitting Dress With Her Boo

Britney Spears and boyfriend David Lucado hit up church yesterday, and Brit’s outfit could definitely make some catch the Holy Ghost! Sporting a very tight and very short dress with knee-high boots, the singer put her body on display, but at least her manzie kept it regular. More pics in the gallery!

(Video) 22-Year-Old College Student Wanted To Do WHAT To Her EX?!?!

Barbara Wu, a student at The University of California, has recently been charged with six felonies. They include: soliciting murder, making terrorist threats and stalking. All towards her exes. Hit the jump for the full scoop.

NO WAY !!! Chicago Woman Set Boyfriend’s Apartment On Fire, Because Of WHAT?!?!

The Question everyone want’s to know might just be, “Who Does she think she is”. This certainly didn’t prove anything. Hit the jump for the full story!

WOAH: Doctor Spikes Boyfriend’s Coffee With WHAT?!?!

Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo, a 42, year old Houston oncologist, has been charged with aggravated assault of a family member. She reportedly spiked her boyfriend’s coffee, Dr. George Blumenschein, with something that could have left him for dead. See what it is after the jump.

LOL!! This Has To Be One Of The Best Breakup Letters Ever!!!

A breakup letter has gone viral from a woman who caught her boyfriend messaging another woman on Facebook. In the letter she said he left his Facebook open so she read the messaged between him and a woman named Kelsi.

(Photos) WHOA! Paris Hilton Is Caught ALL Over Her 21-Year-Old Boyfriend… YIKES!

Damn, maybe a little too much PDA? Paris Hilton doesn’t care what anyone thinks as she is all over her young boyfriend, making out with him — sloppy looking! Check out the flicks caught of her below!

(Photos) Tragic! Son Confesses To Killing Mother’s Boyfriend!!!

Was it something he didn’t like? What made this guy kill his mother’s boyfriend! Hit the jump for the full story!

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