NFL: Bears WR Brandon Marshall Says QB Jay Cutler Will Be MVP This Season

Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall told the Around The League Podcast in January that his 2014 campaign would be “something you guys never seen before.”  Apparently he wasn’t lying…

(Video) Sports: Dwyane Wade Makes One-Handed Football Catch Off a Pass From Bears’ WR Brandon Marshall

Wade’s youth camp he puts on in his native Chicago was this past week and Bears’ wide receiver Brandon Marshall was there, too.  Apparently LeBron isn’t the only one with some football skills as Wade made a one-handed catch off a pass from Marshall.

NFL: Bears Brandon Marshall Signs $30 Million Dollar Contract Live On The View

Forget press conference or press releases, Brandon Marshall went straight to live TV to sign his new deal. The pro bowl receiver from the the Chicago Bears signed a new 3 year/$30 million dollar extension this morning on ABC’s “The View” which will keep him with the Bears through the 2017 season. Marshall who has had his battles with mental health is also donating $1 million of that contract for mental health awareness. The biggest winner in this situation besides Marshall himself is the Bears and quarterback Jay Cutler. Keeping his talent on the field long term will allow the Bears to at least contend in the NFC north as well as for the playoffs overall. Hit the jump.

NFL: Detroit Lions Fire Back at Bears WR Brandon Marshall For Dissing the Team & the City

Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall ticked off the Detroit Lions when he referred to his division rivals as “little brothers” and called their defense “borderline illegal”.  Marshall even took a shot at the city telling them to fix their financial problems.  Well of course they weren’t going to let that slide and some of the players fired back.

(Photo) NFL: Brandon Marshall Selling His Illegal Green Cleats From Thursday Night’s Game

The NFL is seriously No Fun! Their policies regarding the smallest things are just idiotic. Bears receiver Brandon Marshall was advised ahead of time he would be fined by the league if he wore his green cleats during their game against the Giants last night. The only thing is he was wearing them for a good cause. The color green is a symbol for mental health awareness week. Marshall himself was diagnosed with a personality disorder back in 2011, so this was meaningful for him. The NFL will more than likely fine him more than $10,000 for the offense, which went against “uniform policy”. Give me a break. If the league was somehow making money off of it however I guarantee you it would of been no problem. Well now Marshall is taking it even further and is selling the shoes on Whatever the winning bid is, that money will be donated to Marshall’s foundation, which is dedicated to helping people with mental illness. The bid is open until this Monday, and currently they are at $2,000. Hit the jump for more.

NFL: Brandon Marshall Will Wear Green Tonight & Here’s What Will Happen After!

I understand that the NFL has rules for a reason, but they really should make exceptions on a case by case basis.  As most fans have seen, the NFL helps raise breast cancer awareness every October for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by sporting pink gear.  Well Brandon Marshall wanted to wear the green cleats for tonight’s game in order to promote Mental Illness Awareness Week and the NFL said no.  As it turns out, the NFL changed their mind and will allow it — but not without a fine.  What?!  Yep, BUT Brandon plans on turning that fine into something better.  Check it out…

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