Auto:(Video) WTH?? What Is This Old Man Doing In The Parking Lot??

Straight up everything about this video is hilarious. First off, I need to know why this older man thought the best place to practice his nunchucks skills was in the parking lot of a grocery store right next to his truck. Secondly, the person who is filming him from a distance will have you dying from laughter with the way he is narrating the video. It is kind of a Kevin Hart rip off, but still very funny. Lastly, the way the old man gives up after hurting his finger will keep the laughs going. Check out the video after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Cop Punches Man In The Face For Literally No Reason!!

I am already a little riled up from my last story about the NYPD killing a dirt bike rider. Now I come across this. A man on a motorcycle was pulled over for running a red light. Ok, no big deal, give the man a ticket and send him on his way, or if he doesn’t have a license arrest him and take him in. Vancouver police are investigating one of their own officers after the video was uploaded to Facebook a few days ago. The entire event is captured on video by someone passing by. You can see the man is getting put in handcuffs (not sure why) but it is clear he is not resisting, when all a sudden, the plain clothes officer just punches him dead in the face! The officer is trying to say the man was resisting, but how can you even begin to believe that is you saw the video. Even if the man was resisting earlier before the camera comes on wouldn’t matter, because when he gets punched he is being very calm and cooperative. Hopefully this officer is disciplined. The police motto is to serve and protect, not pull over and punch! Watch the video after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Bus Driver Cheats Death

I have done stories before about a bus crashing, or passengers on a bus fighting, but this one by far is the craziest. It only takes the blink of an eye for it to happen, but this bus driver is thanking God for his quick reflexes today. As he drives you see his reaction before you see what happens. He prepares for what winds up being a lamp post that comes crashing through the front windshield with incredible force. A few inches one way or the other and it literally would of taken the driver’s head off. Not sure if another car hit the post first, or if the bus was the one to actually hit it, but with the force and speed that it came through that windshield, alot of people on that bus are lucky. Check it out after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Crazy! Check Out The Driving Skills To Avoid 2 Crashes

Quick thinking and some serious skills is what saved this driver from being part of 2 different horrific crashes over the course of a few seconds. Dodging cars like he was playing dodgeball. Check it out after the jump.

Auto:(Video) This Crash Shows How Lucky Some People Can Be

Sometimes the only word that can describe how something happened is “luck”. How else can you explain escaping with your life and limbs in tact as a car crash with 2 cars comes right towards you while your walking. The video is pretty much self explanatory, check it out after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Cops Get Scare Of A Lifetime

When the police checked the trunk on this car during this traffic stop, I am sure the last thing they thought about was something jumping out towards them. Soon as the trunk opened they both reach for their guns, but only thing is the deer jumping out of the trunk isn’t armed. A man claims he hit the deer while driving on the highway and decided to take it home with the intention of eating the meat. However he must of never checked if the animal was dead or just knocked out because when bambi saw her chance of freedom she took off. Watch the clip after the jump.

Auto:(Video) What Is Wrong With These Racers??

You would think if you are in a race and you see your opponents having problems with the same part of the track repeatedly, that you might learn something right? I guess not because these dudes continue to crash literally in the same exact spot over and over and over and over and so on. It is actually pretty funny to watch, even if you can care less about racing. Check out the video after the jump.

(Photos) Caught On Camera: Guess Which Celeb Was Texting While Driving In A 90k Range Rover?! SMH!

I know celebs are human & some may consider texting while driving ‘normal,’ it’s definitely not something to joke around about. It’s bad enough to text & drive, but even worse when you’re being watched by the whole world — being looked up to! The car was a gift for her 16th birthday and though she may be a year older, she doesn’t seem like she got wiser! Oh, and mind you — this isn’t the first time she’s been caught texting behind the wheel. Back when her older sister was 17, she got into a bad accident so we hope this star doesn’t fall into her sisters’ footsteps. Find out which reality star celeb it was below!

NBA:(Video) LMAO…Gross!! See What This Fan Did On Camera

Anytime you watch basketball games, there is always that one part when the camera is on the announcers and they are discussing parts of the game. You also always see some fans in the background who are trying to get on camera by making stupid faces or just constantly waving to the camera. None of them got anything on this dude. I feel like this guy looks like someone, but I guess it was just my imagination. He has to know he is on camera by the wink he gives towards the end. Watch what this guy does after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Car Accident Turns Man Into Jackie Chan

You usually only see this type of action in a movie. The Honda Accord has a minor traffic incident with 2 other guys. It looks like one of them winds up on the hood of the car before rolling off and trying to karate kick the driver window. But the second guy is the amazing one. As the Honda starts to pull off again, all you see is a man coming over top of the car and flying through the air like he was a stunt double in a fighting movie. It is pretty impressive, but I wonder what would of happened if the car never took off and stayed there. Would we have seen the best fight scene ever? lol. Check the video after the jump.

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